“Abandon Biden” Movement Being Organized In Nine Swing States

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Joe Biden is facing backlash from his own supporters.

A group of Muslim activists is currently organizing “Abandon Biden” campaigns in nine battleground states.

The criticism centers on Joe Biden’s handling of the situation in Gaza.

The group opposes Donald Trump, but would be OK with it if their efforts helped him get elected.

Hassan Abdel Salam, a human rights professor and member of the group, said that if Trump wins thanks to the group, “the big benefit of punishing the president will be that the entire party will become a pro-Palestinian party, opposed to the occupation of Palestine, and will start pushing for equality much more aggressively than before.”

The group is considering third-party candidates and plans to make recommendations this summer.

The Star Tribune reported:

Human rights professor Hassan Abdel Salam has been teaching students about genocide around the world at the University of Minnesota for the past seven years. On the last day of his class on global Islamophobia in April, he said he would walk out of the class to protest what he called genocide in Gaza and help lead a “Dump Biden” movement to topple the president in November.

Abdel Salam, 48, is part of a group of Muslim activists, some of whom are from Minnesota, organizing in nine battleground states against President Biden’s reelection, whose leaders say they want to punish him politically for contributing to mass civilian deaths in Gaza.

They say they oppose Donald Trump, but they wouldn’t mind if their actions helped re-elect a former president who once banned Muslims from the United States and has threatened to do so again.

“By defeat [Biden]”We need to be careful because it sends a message to the entire political world that defending genocide can lead to defeat,” Abdel Salam said. “That’s my goal: to get that message across the country and make sure it’s consistent.”

Abdel-Salam said he and other Biden breakaway leaders are evaluating third-party candidates and plan to endorse them this summer. And if they help Trump win, “the big benefit of punishing the president is that the whole party will become pro-Palestinian, against the occupation of Palestine, and will start pushing for fairness much more aggressively than it has been in the past,” he said.

This poses a major threat to Joe Biden’s already precarious reelection.

Most polls show Trump leading overall and in key battleground states, and his approval rating is low.

Breitbart reported:

It has been well-documented throughout the election year that discontent among Muslims, Arab Americans, young voters and progressives on the left threatens Biden’s reelection: More than half a million Democratic primary voters protested Biden’s handling of the war, casting a range of “irresponsible” ballots and calling for a ceasefire.

The Listen to Michigan campaign, which launched the movement, said the threat to Biden is that these voters will not vote in November unless there are major changes in policy. Despite Biden calling for a ceasefire with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in April and threatening to withhold arms from Israel, the movement will continue in the Maryland Democratic primary on May 14, and with less than six months until the November election, Biden is running out of time.

While Maryland is not a real issue for Republicans, moves in Michigan and other battleground states where Trump and Biden had close margins in 2020 could be extremely dangerous for Democrats and Biden, especially since polls already show Trump leading in many of those states.

The group’s website,, says it is targeting Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Jeilani Hussain, who serves on the National Committee to “Abandon Biden” along with Salam and three others, pointed to Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin as states where the Muslim vote could actually affect the outcome of a state’s election.