About 230 people arrested at NYU, Columbia

Most of the approximately 230 people arrested at last week’s anti-Israel protests at Columbia University and New York University were released with just a slap on the wrist, but many did not feel their actions were a danger to others on campus. This is despite reports that they are doing so.

The 116 people arrested at NYU on Monday night received summonses for trespassing, and the remaining four were ticketed for obstruction of public administration and resisting arrest, but none of them have criminal records. .

Less than a week later, 108 people, including Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter Isra Hirsi, were arrested at a Gaza solidarity encampment in Colombia and released with summonses for trespassing.

Dedicated activists on both campuses were undeterred by police intervention.

“What if I want to pitch a tent?” one New York University graduate student scoffed to the Post during a walkout in Washington Square Park.

“New York University called the police about their students, as did Columbia University and Yale University,” she added.

Another demonstrator was overheard bragging about having been at Monday night’s demonstration for hours, brandishing a freshly dented purple Stanley Cup as evidence.

Police arrested protesters at Columbia University last week. new york post

“Brother, look at my cup. I was slamming that cup into the Palestinian barricades,” they gushed.

One protester carried a bag of pastries from upscale bakery Lafayette and demanded a refund if New York University followed Columbia University’s lead and moved to hybrid classes.

“I saw children being treated badly by the police,” said Gabriela, a New York University student and refugee.

NYPD officers arrest anti-Israel demonstrators in front of Columbia University. michael nagle
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered Sunday in an encampment on the lawn of Columbia University. james cavom

“They were just chanting and singing,” she added. “I wish there was more I could do.”

However, the demonstrations made Jewish students feel increasingly unsafe.

NYU student Natalie Manocherian, 21, told the Post she was considering leaving the university after enduring anti-Semitic harassment.

“Yesterday, I was told I was a dirty Jew,” Manocherian said. “I feel uncomfortable being Jewish right now. I go to class and then go home right away.”

Arrested protesters are loaded into an NYPD van. Paul Martinka

“I have people in my family who died in the intifada. That’s not something to take lightly. And these people really have no idea,” she added.

“As a Jew who grew up in New York, I think I always had a false sense of security, and it really hit home for me a lot,” the Upper West Side native added.

In Colombia, tent encampments were still going strong after nearly a full week of rain, wind, and cold. Access to campus was still restricted to university ID holders.

Approximately 230 people were arrested at both campuses last week. Matthew McDermott

Jewish students attending Ivy League schools reported increased feelings of anxiety in the face of provocations and threats of physical violence.

Monday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) It denounced the encampment as an “incipient pogrom.” He called on President Joe Biden to deploy the National Guard to disperse the group.