Accused Killer of East Texas Child Appeared Naked Before Magistrate Judge

LIVINGSTON, Texas — Law enforcement body camera video taken at the Polk County Jail shows suspected child murderer Don Stephen McDougall appearing naked before a magistrate judge. Although McDougal refused to put on clothes at the hearing, the judge recommended he be charged with capital murder and ordered him held without bail.

McDougall is charged with the murder of 11-year-old Audrey Cunningham. Investigators recovered his body from the Trinity River after McDougall allegedly killed him by hitting him in the head with a blunt object and tying him to a rock. Police said the rope matched a rope seen in McDougal’s 2003 Chevrolet Suburban two days before Audrey disappeared on February 15th.

KTRK ABC13 in Houston exclusively released body camera video showing guards entering McDougal’s cell to take him to an arraignment hearing before a local magistrate judge. McDougall was seen naked in his cell and refused to put on clothes.

KTRK reported the conversation between the guard and McDougal as follows:

“Come. JP would like to talk to you,” says the lieutenant. “Where are your clothes? Last!”

“It’s not like I don’t have clothes,” McDougall says in the video.

“Then get out of here. Well, no, no, man. Hey, hey, don’t disrespect me like that. Well, that’s it. Wrap yourself in a blanket. Come on. Come on,” the video plays. will be done.

As the video progresses, McDougall speaks with a female justice of the peace:

“You have the right to remain silent and say nothing. Anything you make can and will be used against you in a trial or court. “You have the right to the presence and advice of a lawyer before or during your interrogation,” the magistrate said. “You have the right to end the interview at any time. If you have been charged with a felony, you have the right to have the charge investigated. Do you understand your rights, Mr. McDougall?”

“Yes,” he replies.

“Do I need a public defender or do I hire my own?” Justice asks.

“No,” McDougall replies.

“Which one?” Justice asks.

“I’ll hire a lawyer,” McDougall replies.

“Are you going to hire yourself? Okay, just sign here and you’ll be fine. Your charge is punishable by death. That’s not a bond,” the judge says.

Audrey Cunningham went missing on February 15 after McDougall reportedly took her from her home to go to a school bus stop. Polk County Sheriff Byron Lyons told Breitbart Texas that McDougall admitted to leaving her home with his girlfriend. He added that at the time he believed McDougall was the last person to see her alive.

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