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‘Am I Being Delusional?’: Fmr Dem Fundraiser Rips Party Policies, Describes Out Of Control Crime

Former Democratic fundraiser Allison Huynh appeared on Fox News on Wednesday to talk about San Francisco’s out-of-control crime and slammed the party’s policies.

Huynh appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss his recent departure from the Democratic Party after previously donating to former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden. Fox host Jesse Watters began by asking the Silicon Valley mogul why he decided not to support the Democratic Party. (Related story: Democratic city notorious for retail theft opens taxpayer-funded “empowerment market” to offer free food to customers)

“Good evening, Jesse. Like all divorces, I don’t think there is one cause, but a series of events that led to this. The Democrats have been policing the wrong things, which should be policing violent criminals on the streets of San Francisco, people defecating in front of me and my children, people injecting heroin, allowing criminals to come into grocery stores and steal from them and close down grocery stores. I love to cook, but I wake up in the morning and there’s no grocery store to go to,” Huynh said.

Democrats and President Joe Biden have claimed crime rates are at an all-time low following the release of new FBI statistics, but former New York City Police Department (NYPD) Inspector Paul Mauro has rejected the claims, saying the data cannot be trusted due to different “definitions” of how crimes are classified.

“So this is a quality of life issue,” Watters argued. “You’re saying things have totally gotten worse, and they deny that. They’re saying there hasn’t been a crime spike, there’s been a massive decrease in crime, and you’re just being fooled by the propaganda.”

“Well, you have to look at the facts and the reality. I walk down the street in San Francisco… I have three young kids, I go to the theater district and I see ‘The Lion King,’ and [or] “In Les Miserables, you have to ignore the scene where the homeless smoke crack. Anyone can come to San Francisco and see the same thing. I love Peking duck but I’m scared to go to Chinatown because of the violent crimes against Asians. Am I delusional? I don’t think so,” Huynh replied.

Financ comes as more tech titans announce their departure from the Democratic Party Said She said on “Fox & Friends First” on Tuesday that she once garnered millions of dollars in support among liberal voters but is now a supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Major businesses and restaurants like In-N-Out and Macy’s have left the Bay Area due to rising crime, and despite concerns about the problems they see in Democratic cities, officials continue to push ahead with taxpayer-funded programs for homeless people, some of which are spending millions of dollars to provide free alcohol to homeless people with alcohol addictions.