California Dems vote to continue protecting illegal alien pedophiles with ‘sanctuary’ policies

California Assemblyman Bill Esselli, a Republican, forced a vote on his bill on Tuesday. Assembly Bill 2641The move would end “sanctuary state” protections for illegal aliens convicted of child sex crimes. california Sanctuary policies are a threat to national authorities. From turning illegal immigrants over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. With limited cooperation, ICE […]

Obama, Biden’s immigration policies, anti-semitic protests

Pro-Palestinian protesters target the Met Gala to call for an intifada, only adding to the rise in anti-Semitic events happening in the US mark levin I can’t help but notice that many of the demonstrators are Palestinian, which may have a little to do with the former president’s policies. “In its later years, the Obama […]

13 Trump Policies That Biden Reversed, Making War More Likely

President Joe Biden took office declaring, “America is back.” Under President Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy, there was a belief, or hubris, that America was isolated and isolationist. What Biden and his advisers missed was that Trump presided over four years of peace during which America’s enemies were in retreat. By reversing President Trump’s […]

Navajo Nation Leader Says Biden, AOC Energy Policies Cripple Tribe’s Economy

Members of the Navajo Nation in the southwestern U.S. say the federal government is leaving their people behind with its energy policies, crippling their economy and leaving more people in poverty. Republicans on the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources are attempting to overturn such Biden administration policies, including the Department of Interior’s land withdrawal […]

Green policies imperil supply after Biden ban on Russian uranium, producers warn

Top uranium producers warned that President Joe Biden’s new ban on Russian uranium imports could result in supply shortages because of restrictions on domestic mining advanced by the administration. In interviews with the Washington Examiner, uranium producers praised the ban President Joe Biden signed into law, which also unlocked $2.7 billion in uranium conversion and […]

Biden’s Policies Haven’t Given Security to Average American

On Friday’s broadcast of FOX News Channel’s “America Report,” Dr. Mohamed El-Erian, an economist, president of Queen’s College, Allianz chief economic advisor, and former chairman of the Obama World Development Council, discussed President Joe Biden’s economic policies. has been effective, but said: From a job market perspective, “the reason they’re not working is to provide […]