Amnesty Says Treatment Of Man Behind Murder Of Israeli Shows ‘Disregard For Palestinians’ Right To Life’

Amnesty International on Monday praised Walid Dhaka’s life and condemned his time in an Israeli prison in a tweet that ignored his terrorist ties and violent past.

Dhaka, 62, died of bone marrow cancer on Sunday after being diagnosed with the disease in 2020, said Erika Guevara, Amnesty International’s senior director of research, advocacy, policy and campaigns. Rosas said. according to Go to Amnesty International’s press release. Guevara-Rozas also said his death in prison was a double tragedy, given that Mr. Dakka died after completing his original sentence, the press release said.

“The custodial death of Walid Dacca, the longest-serving Palestinian writer in Israeli prisons after 38 years of imprisonment, is a cruel reminder of Israel’s disregard for the Palestinians’ right to life. “It’s a thing,” the paper said. the human rights organization wrote. (Related: IDF releases video of terrorist firing at minibus hit by airstrike)

However, Amnesty International’s explanation omitted several important details. For one thing, Dhaka is an Israeli citizen; according to To Le Monde. The tweet said that Dhaka was convicted of leading a terrorist organization in the 1986 kidnapping and murder of 19-year-old Moshe Tamam, who was off-duty, and was sentenced to life in prison. It didn’t mention that.Israeli Soldier, Jewish Chronicle I got it..

Tamam’s kidnapping was supposed to be an attempt by a group in Dhaka to obtain ransom money, but the incident turned out to involve the victim being tortured by having her eyes gouged out and her body mutilated before being shot dead. The story ended with him being castrated, the media said, citing a report. at that time.

Amnesty International’s positive view of Dhaka’s life was not shared by the victim’s family. “The person who killed my uncle [Daqqa] “He chose his life after inflicting severe torture, continued to torment my family even after his murder, engaged in terrorism, and continued tormenting all of Israel,” said Dr. Ortal Tamam, niece of Moshe Tamam. said the Jewish Chronicle. .

Dhaka’s sentence was commuted to 37 years in prison in 2012, but his sentence was extended after he was found guilty of smuggling a mobile phone into prison, the newspaper reported. He is scheduled to be released in March 2025, the newspaper said.

Mr. Dhaka also earned a master’s degree while in an Israeli prison in 2017. according to This was reported to Palestine Media Watch, citing the Palestinian news agency Al-Quds.