‘Frugal’ Indiana man leaves $13M to charity, but names none

An unlikely billionaire bequeathed a staggering $13 million to charity upon his death, but failed to identify the recipient of the large sum of cash, prompting lawyers to try to make the donation. Ta. The lawyer's methods led some groups to believe it was fraud, resulting in them losing part of the unusual bequest. Terry […]

Florida Man Pleads Guilty To Killing Co-Workers Using Office Supplies

A man has pleaded guilty to using office supplies to kill his boss and co-worker at Professional Public Adjusters, the Miami Herald reported Thursday. Jose Rojas, 55, admitted to killing his boss Francis Venezia and colleague Robert James on April 27, 2012. according to In the Miami Herald. According to the store, Rojas is suspected […]

Man asks Reddit if he is in the wrong to not want to live with his son-in-law

The man on Reddit initially did not allow his son-in-law to move in, but was eventually persuaded by others on social media to allow his daughter, son-in-law, and grandson to move into his home. On a subreddit known as “Am I the A–hole,” a user named “Still-Stormy” wrote a post titled “AITA Told My Daughter […]

Texas man accused of leaving kids locked in car while bar-hopping

A Texas father was arrested last weekend after allegedly locking his hungry children in his car while bar-hopping nearby, local police said. Fabio Aaron Minchala was taken into custody on Saturday after a witness found his two children, ages 2 and 6, alone in a locked car, honking their horns. CBS4 reported, citing El Paso […]

Mississippi man killed after shooting at police

Police officers in north Mississippi have shot and killed a man who had fired a gun at them, a state Department of Public Safety spokesperson announced. Bailey Martin said the shooting happened in Amory on Wednesday around 7 p.m. He said officers were responding to a call about a person firing a gun and that […]