Amy Winehouse Statue’s Star of David Vandalized by Antisemitic Protestor

A statue of Amy Winehouse in her former neighborhood in Camden Town, London, was vandalized by anti-Semitic protesters who covered the statue’s Star of David with a Palestinian sticker.

A bronze statue of Amy Winehouse has stood in Camden Town since 2014, three years after the pop star died at the age of 27. The statue depicts Winehouse wearing a Star of David necklace, a nod to her Jewish heritage.

On Monday, reports and photos were published showing stickers with the Palestinian flag on them.

According to sources, London police are investigating the matter. report from standard. Scotland Yard told the newspaper: “We are contacting Camden Market to confirm the circumstances and to see if any evidence, including CCTV footage, is available.”

A spokesperson for the Campaign Against Antisemitism said: standard The stickers have been removed, it said in a statement: “Covering the Star of David, a famous symbol of Judaism, on the statue of the British Jewish singer with a sticker of the Palestinian Authority flag is anti-Semitic.” Ta.
“That’s the excuse we often hear from anti-Semites who are too cowardly and ignorant to admit who they are. 69% say they are less likely to display visible signs of Judaism at this time. Is it any wonder that even Jewish statues can’t escape that?”

Since the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel on October 7, anti-Semitic acts have skyrocketed in major Western cities and university campuses.

As reported by Breitbart New, anti-Semitic incidents in the UK are at record levels.

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