Andrew Keegan Addresses Long-Standing Rumor That He Started Cult

Andrew Keegan addressed persistent rumors surrounding his involvement in what some called a cult in the 2010s on Monday’s episode of the Boy Meets World rewatch podcast Pod Meets World. .

Keegan, a former ’90s fanatic and star of “10 Things I Hate About You,” offered insight into his perspective on Full Circle, the spiritual initiative he co-founded a decade ago.Looking back at the origins of Full Circle episode On the podcast Pod Meets World, Keegan talked about his early years in Venice, California.

“I moved to Venice in my early 20s and immersed myself in the culture and community,” Keegan said. “There was an old Hare Krishna temple…and there was no one there, so we thought, ‘Hey, why don’t we get people together and open this place?'”

The actor acknowledged the unconventional nature of Full Circle. “I think back [it] It was insane. I put thousands and tens of thousands of dollars into it, and when we opened it, we spent three years building a really great group of friends,” Keegan said. (RELATED: Kevin Costner’s Wife Addresses Rumors She Kept Him Out of ‘Yellowstone’)

In response to the criticism and media scrutiny surrounding Full Circle, Keegan acknowledged that he had made a potential mistake in seeking public attention. “They came in and I think at that time I probably should have gotten a little more media training. And I just thought, ‘Oh, everything is great, this is all these wild things happening, holy shit. ’” he recalled.

Mr. Keegan wondered if the organization’s name had unintentionally created a misunderstanding about its purpose. “Maybe I should have thought of a different name. I thought ‘Full Circle’ was a pretty good song, you know what happens, happens,” he said. “But again, it wasn’t something that had a very specific purpose at the time. It kind of evolved from a group of people.”



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