Angry mob forces Jewish students to evacuate UC-Berkeley theater

Jewish students at the University of California, Berkeley, were forced to evacuate the auditorium after anti-Israel protesters pounded the campus theater where an IDF soldier was scheduled to speak, eventually breaking through the glass doors. .

disturbing Video posted online According to the Daily Wire, an angry mob chanted “Intifada, intifada” outside the Zellerbach Theater on Monday night after a small group of students gathered inside the theater to talk about the war in Gaza. He is seen violently banging on the glass door.

In one video, a student can be heard telling friends inside the auditorium that a woman outside spits on him and calls him “Jew, Jew, Jew, literally to his face.”

Other students also claimed that protesters forced a fourth-year student into the auditorium door and grabbed a first-year student by the neck as he tried to check in participants. According to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Disturbing footage posted online showed anti-Israel demonstrators chanting Monday night outside the Zellerbach Theater where IDF soldiers were scheduled to speak about the war in Gaza. X/@realDailyWire

Eventually, in a video posted online, the sound of some glass breaking can be heard, followed by the sound of a person screaming. “You got what you deserved.”

At that time, university police reported that the door had been broken into. According to audio posted online.

“Shall we go get our hats and bats?” one police officer can be heard asking as the protests become more intense.

“We’re going to have a hard time getting up the stairs to push them back to close the door,” he explains.

“Negative,” says the respondent. “We will cancel the event.”

The protesters banged on the theater’s glass doors, eventually breaking the glass. X/@realDailyWire

Meanwhile, another officer can be heard calling for an evacuation as dispatchers send more officers into the building.

Video footage showed UC Berkeley Police Chief Yogananda Pittman taking a microphone in an auditorium and advising those inside to leave.

As a result, the “Israel at War: Fighting Lies” event, scheduled to feature IDF soldier Ran Bar Jehoshafat, who served in Gaza, has already been rescheduled multiple times due to security concerns. However, it was canceled. According to the Daily Wire.

Afterwards, one student said he heard demonstrators shout, “We won, we won, we won.” he told the Jewish Journal.

One student was seen telling a friend that a woman spat on him and called him a “Jew, Jew, Jew.” X/@realDailyWire
University authorities were forced to evacuate people inside the theater. X/@realDailyWire

Bar Jehoshaphat was invited by a Jewish student organization to discuss Israel’s “international legal challenges” and whether Israel was violating international law in the Gaza war. A joint Instagram post by Berkeley Students for Israel and Berkeley Tikvah said:

He will also talk about how the IDF can better protect civilians and the “perceptional and ideological” issues facing Israel.

However, the anti-Israel student group Bears for Palestine Announced on own SNS It announced on Sunday that it was calling for the event to be cancelled.

“Shut it down. Get the genocide out of Berkeley,” the group posted, along with a Photoshopped image of Bar Jehoshaphat with red eyes.

The student group Bears for Palestine vowed to “cancel” the event. Instagram / @bearsforpalestine

Bears for Palestine captioned the image, “In October 2023, Ran Bar Jehoshaphat was serving in the IOF and participating in the destruction of Gaza and extermination of the Palestinian people,” referring to the IDF as the Israeli occupation force. I called it.

The paper said he was “invited to campus to spread settler-colonial Zionist propaganda about the very genocide in which he participated.”

“This person is dangerous,” the group continued. “Ran Bar Jehoshaphat has Palestinian blood on his hands.

“He has committed crimes against humanity, is a denier of genocide, and we will not allow this to continue.”

University officials estimate about 200 people took part in Monday night’s violent protests, but no arrests were made. X/@realDailyWire

In response to the threat, university officials said they would change the event’s venue to the Zellerbach Playhouse and that only those who signed up for the lecture would be allowed to learn of the new location. According to the Los Angeles Times.

When Bar Jehoshaphat arrived on campus, he was instructed to wear a hat to conceal his identity, a soldier told The Daily Wire.

However, the demonstrators somehow learned of the venue change and are seen on video marching toward the theater shouting, “Jehoshaphat, you cannot hide. We charge you with genocide.” It had been.

“I felt really bad for the students…because they were scared,” Bar Jehoshaphat said.

“The girls were crying because they were attacked. I think the kid who was spat on was very upset,” he told The Daily Wire.

“I don’t think the students expected so many people to be violent. They thought they would just be outside chanting.”

Ran Bar-Yoshaphat was invited by a Jewish student organization to discuss Israel’s “international legal challenges” and whether Israel was violating international law in the Gaza war. Instagram / @ran_bario

University officials estimate that about 200 students took part in Monday night’s violent protest, calling the incident “horrifying.”

In a message sent to students and staff Tuesday afternoon, UC Berkeley President Carol Crist and Chancellor Benjamin E. Hermarin called the incident “an attack on the university’s core values.” Ta.

They acknowledged the need to evacuate the auditorium “to protect the speakers and audience,” according to the LA Times.

“We would like to express our deep remorse and sympathy to the students and members of the public who were inside the building fearing for their safety,” officials said in a statement.

“We deeply respect the right to protest, which is inherent in democratic values ​​in institutions of higher education. Activities cannot be ignored.

“No matter how much we disagree with their views, we cannot violate the First Amendment rights of speakers through the use of the threat of force.”

Later, university spokesperson Dan Moguloff promised that the university would launch an investigation into the violent protests. he told Algemeiner.

He told the Los Angeles Times on Monday night that the university had received multiple messages from staff, students and community members expressing concern about the violence, and “we take those messages seriously.” Told.

Bar Jehoshaphat (right), who fought in the Gaza war, said the event had been rescheduled in the past due to security concerns. X/@Ostrov_A

Mogulov also explained that school officials believe they had a sufficient number of police officers on the scene in advance of the event, based on past anti-Israel protests on campus.

But he stressed that the university “understands that we have entered new territory” and said the incident had brought a “stain” on its reputation.

But Daniel Sobkin, one of the event’s organizers, said Monday’s violence was “not an isolated incident.”

“This is a continuing trend that has been going on for as long as I’ve been on campus: Jewish hatred. Jewish students are being targeted,” she told the Chronicle.

She described Monday’s events as a “witch hunt of Jewish students” and said it was “a breaking point for all of us.”

“Unless there is a real change from last night, there is no place for Jewish students at the University of California, Berkeley,” she told the Jewish Journal.

The newspaper has reached out to Berkeley and the student group Bears for Palestine for comment.



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