Are We Going To Let The Mob Set Foreign Policy?

Mass protests have become popular with the radical Left because they work. They can achieve results unattainable through the political process or the courts by producing chaos and intimidating the cowardly leaders of our universities and government When the antisemitic, pro-Islamist demonstrations broke out on multiple university campuses this spring, most Americans assumed it was […]

NYC anti-Israel protesters unfurl ‘Long live October 7’ banner as mob harasses reporter

Anti-Israel protesters carried an ominous “Live October 7th” banner as a group of agitators surrounded and shoved a journalist attempting to cover the demonstration in Union Square on Monday. Several protesters wearing keffiyehs, a traditional Palestinian headgear, waved banners with disturbing messages celebrating last year’s Hamas attacks on Israel. According to footage taken at the […]

How We Built A World Meant To Cave To The Mob

Looking back at hate crime hoaxes with hindsight, one wonders how anyone could have been naive enough to believe such a thing. Would investigators believe that actor Jussie Smollett would stumble upon just two Trump supporters on a cold winter night in the deep blue streets of Chicago? Would a career NASCAR garage owner believe […]

Toto Recall: Maher’s ‘View’ to a kill; mob movie triggers AMC

Bill Maher visited “The View” this week, but he didn’t tell producers he was bringing a wrecking ball. The comic “Real Time with Bill Maher” votes the same way as the host of “The View,” but he’s honest enough to criticize fellow progressives when necessary. ‘[‘Goodfellas’] Contains linguistic and cultural stereotypes that are inconsistent with […]

Steve Hilton blasts UC Irvine for ‘caving to the mob’ over anti-Israel chaos on campus

Golden Together founder and Fox News contributor Steve Hilton called the University of California, Irvine, “subject to the mob” after anti-Israel agitators caused chaos on campus and stormed the building. criticized as such. Hilton told Fox News Digital that the school failed to protect the rights of the majority of its hardworking students. “Our focus […]

DA Bragg offers plea deals to illegal aliens charged in vicious mob attack on NYPD cops

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office has offered plea deals to six undocumented immigrants charged in connection with the brutal mob attack on two New York City police officers in Times Square in January. new york post report. One of the suspects, 24-year-old Yohenry Brito, was arrested again last week after being released by a […]