Arizona GOP Again Blocks Effort to Repeal 1864 Abortion Law

Arizona House Republicans on Wednesday fended off a new attempt to repeal an 1864 law that restricts nearly all abortions. This law was recently upheld by the Arizona Supreme Court with a new 15-week abortion limit.

However, the Arizona Senate left the door open to repealing the 1864 law after two Senate Republicans voted with Democrats to move forward with the repeal effort, according to the report.

“A total of three Republicans in battleground districts joined Democrats in supporting repeal,” Axios reported. report. “The extremely close margins of 30-30 in the House and 16-14 in the Senate demonstrate the tension this ruling has created in this battleground state.”

Senate Republican communications director Kim Quintero told reporters that the Senate could hold a first reading of the new bill on Wednesday, but a final repeal vote could come as early as two weeks later. He said there is.

Demonstrators during the Women’s March rally in Phoenix, Arizona, Saturday, January 20, 2024. (Caitlin O’Hara/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“Even if repeal ultimately passes, it is unlikely to have the two-thirds supermajority required for it to take effect immediately, which would mean it would have to be enacted 90 days after Congress adjourns.” The book says:

“The last thing we need to do today is rush through legislation to repeal a law that has been reaffirmed so many times in Congress,” said Republican House Speaker Ben Thoma, who voted against the repeal. ” he said.

Thoma too called It was praised for its orderly conduct during Wednesday’s session, following intense debate over a previous attempt to repeal the law.

“I ask everyone in this chamber to respect the fact that there are people who believe that abortion is the murder of a child,” he said. “It’s not OK to scream at each other. It’s not OK to act like what I saw on this floor last week.”

According to the report, Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs and Arizona Attorney General Chris Mays said they would not enforce the 1864 law, but that abortionists “would not provide illegal abortions anyway.” The possibility is low.”

Some prominent Arizona Republicans have also significantly distanced themselves from the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling, including Senate candidates. Lake Kali And a former governor. Doug Ducey.former president donald trump Said Speaking to reporters, he believes the 1864 law goes too far.

The state Supreme Court’s decision comes as pro-abortion activists are working on an amendment that would create a constitutional right to abortion in Arizona.

Arizona is one of about a dozen states where pro-abortion activists are active. work Codifying the right to kill the unborn child.

Katherine Hamilton is a political reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow her at @thekat_Hamilton.