Armed Carjackers Terrorize Mississippi Family

A Mississippi family was left traumatized after a gunman shot them while trying to steal their car while their young children were still inside.

Friday security camera picture Footage obtained by WAPT shows two suspects stalking a family in the driveway of their West Jackson home and opening fire.

Heather Allen and her adult son were forced to take cover next to the family’s black sedan as men approached them brandishing guns.

The horrifying video then shows one of the men dragging Allen’s daughter from the driver’s seat and taking control of the wheel.

The suspect then pointed the gun at the face of Allen’s other son, who remained in the car.

“He jumped in the driver’s seat, I was outside looking in and he pointed the gun at my oldest son’s face,” Allen told the local station.

Allen’s son was able to escape, but her two young grandchildren were in the back seat.

The doorbell camera captured Allen’s daughter yelling, “My babies, my babies are in the car!”

When the suspect demanded the car keys, Allen heroically rescued her grandchildren from the back seat and threw them the keys to another family car.

The men took her car and fled, but it was found 40 minutes later, largely intact, just two blocks from her home.

According to the outlet, Jackson police seized the car for evidence.

No arrests have been made.

Allen said the whole family has been traumatized by the incident.

“We can’t sleep. My eldest son has severe anxiety and is scared. My daughter is in shock but the family is safe,” the grandmother said.

She said she had only been in the area for about three months and wanted out.

“I can’t stay here any longer,” Allen said.