Austrian rapist Josef Fritzl smirks after winning bid to move to lower-security prison wing

Austrian monster Josef Fritzl, who kept his daughter locked up in his basement for 24 years and fathered her seven children, was seen grinning after winning a transfer from a psychiatric ward to a traditional prison wing. .

Thursday's decision clears the way for Fritzl, 88, to apply for release to a nursing home later this year.

He suffers from dementia and told a three-judge panel in Krems an der Donau that he deeply regretted locking his daughter Elisabeth in the cellar and had dealt with the crime “violently”. Told. According to The Sun.

Fritzl also said he regularly reads the docket for a 2009 indictment in which he was found guilty of enslavement, rape, incest and “neglected murder.”

“He was on the verge of tears during the hearing,” his lawyer, Dr. Astrid Wagner, told reporters after the court hearing.

“He said he was incredibly sorry for the victims and wanted to undo everything he had done.”

Josef Fritzl, 88, was photographed being transferred to the prison after winning a bid to be transferred to a traditional prison wing. AFP (via Getty Images)

Under the terms of his release to the low-security wing, Fritzl must attend regular psychotherapy sessions and undergo psychiatric evaluations during a 10-year probationary period.

“In summary, the court has come to the conclusion that there is indeed a fact that he is no longer dangerous,” Wagner said Thursday outside District Court.

The decision comes after Austrian psychiatrist Heidi Kastner, who previously described Fritzl as “extremely mentally abnormal” and “emotionally illiterate,” said the convicted murderer was no longer a threat. This was done following the conclusions of the Page report.

“The court has come to the conclusion that he is no longer dangerous,” his lawyer Astrid Wagner told reporters after Thursday's hearing. AFP (via Getty Images)

Reports citing local media said Fritzl appeared confused, spoke regularly to the television, believed himself to be a pop star, and discussed a family visit that never happened. It is said that there is.

He also reportedly has fallen into bars multiple times and requires a walker.

Wagner said a new petition for nursing home placement was “coming soon,” and Fritzl insisted he “wants to proceed” and is “very confident” the petition will be granted. he claimed.

“He said, 'It's in God's hands, but it's in mine,'” the lawyer told The Sun.

However, Thursday's decision is not yet final and requires further decisions by prosecutors, who have 14 days to appeal.

Fritzl kept his daughter Elisabeth locked up in his basement for more than 20 years, claiming she ran away from home and joined a cult.
Three of the children Fritzl had with his daughter lived with her in the basement. AFP/Getty Images

Fritzl kept his daughter locked up in his basement for more than 20 years, claiming she ran away from home and joined a cult.

During that time, he drugged and abused Elisabeth, raped her more than 3,000 times, and fathered seven children with her.

He also threw the body of one of his children, who died shortly after birth, into the furnace.

Of the seven children born to the repeated abuse of her daughter, aged between 18 and 42, three were confined with her and one died shortly after birth.

The remaining three were raised by Fritzl and his wife Rosemary, who claimed they showed up on their doorstep.

Fritzl reportedly suffers from dementia and speaks into the television, believing himself to be a pop star and discussing family visits that never happened. AP

Fritzl's crimes were only discovered in April 2008 after Elisabeth took one of her newborn children to hospital for a life-threatening illness.

Elizabeth and her children are currently living in an undisclosed location under false names.

The children, now aged 17 to 31, sleep in a room with the door always open after undergoing weekly therapy sessions to help them overcome the trauma of being in the dungeon.

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