Axelrod says Trump a ‘formidable’ candidate, Biden and campaign ‘need to get into gear’

Former President Barack Obama's senior adviser David Axelrod said Tuesday that President Biden's re-election campaign must “step up into gear” to defeat former President Donald Trump, saying he believes Trump is more than a threat to democracy. He argued that there was a need to send a message.

“The president and his campaign need to get serious, and they need a message. And they need a message that embraces not just democracy, but concerns that people have every day,” Axelrod said on CNN. Told.

He added that the Biden campaign “should be happy” that Trump is likely to be the Republican nominee so it can attack former President Trump ahead of an expected rematch.

“It's going to be Biden versus Trump. So start drawing those parallels, not just in democracy, but also in issues that matter every day in people's lives,” Axelrod said.

Former Biden communications director Kate Bedingfield, who participated in the CNN panel with Axelrod, said the Biden campaign's message needs to be broader, but that voters are motivated by Biden's talk about democracy. I answered that I was.

“I'm not saying there aren't issues in his history that support his message, but I just want everyone to know, as President Trump proved again yesterday, that he “It's that he's not an ordinary candidate, he's a pretty formidable candidate. And now he's on the ballot,” Axelrod said.

Mr. Axelrod appeared on CNN the morning after the results of the Iowa caucuses, which Mr. Trump won by a landslide margin of about 30 points.

For months, Mr. Axelrod has warned of Mr. Biden's poor performance against Mr. Trump in major polls and called for a challenge to the incumbent.

He suggested in November that it was the “last minute” for Biden to decide whether to pull out, and last week said it was unhelpful to ignore Biden's polls. His campaign has largely reacted to negative polling, saying polls this far from Election Day typically cannot predict voters in November.

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