Republican Senate Candidate Larry Hogan Vows to Codify Roe Protections

Former Maryland governor and Republican Senate candidate Larry Hogan (R) has released a campaign ad promising to codify it. Roe vs. Wade If elected, she will empower women to make their own choices. “As governor, I promised to uphold Maryland’s laws and abortion rights and provide insurance-covered over-the-counter contraceptives. And I kept my promise,” Hogan […]

Dem Senate Candidate Says She Is ‘Not Beholden’ to Corporate Lobbyists

A Democrat Senate candidate in Maryland, who has claimed she is “not beholden” to corporate interests or lobbyists, has reportedly received a wave of donations from lobbyists and other corporate officials. Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks (D) has received more than $260,00 in donations from lobbyists for 2024, including those who represent fast food, […]

Gunmen Dismember Political Candidate, Wife in Mexican Beach-Resort Town

Armed groups abducted, killed, and then dismembered a political candidate and his wife. The gunmen left the body in the back of a pickup truck on a busy street in the popular beach resort city of Acapulco, Guerrero state. Mexico is experiencing its bloodiest political season in history, with more than 30 politicians murdered so […]

Snake Bite Sends West Virginia Political Candidate Doug Skaff To Hospital

A candidate for West Virginia Secretary of State has been hospitalized Wednesday after being bitten by copperhead snakes, The Associated Press (AP) reported. Doug Skaff was hospitalized after copperhead snakes bit him on his left leg and right foot while he was removing election campaign signs, according to The AP. Passersby quickly called for medical […]