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Bible provides key lessons this Father’s Day, says Missouri pastor, dad of five

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“I kneel before the Father, in the name of every family in heaven and on earth, that He would grant that according to the riches of His glory He would grant you to be powerfully strengthened by His Spirit in the inner man, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith” (Ephesians 3:14-17).

According to the website Bible Study Tools, the verses are taken from St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, who lived in what is now Turkey.

The Rev. Hans Fine, pastor of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Crestwood, Missouri, told Fox News Digital that they share an important lesson to remember on Father’s Day.

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“I see atheists online sometimes make a similar argument: ‘The universe is so big and you are so small in comparison, so it would be extremely arrogant to believe that God would create something so immeasurably vast just to love an insignificant person like you,'” Feyen said.

He called the argument “unconvincing,” saying it was “as illogical as the argument that ‘kidney stones are small, so they shouldn’t hurt.'”

Pastor Hans Fine, a father of five, believes that a loving “earthly” father is the key to children growing up with a love for their heavenly Father. (Courtesy of Hans Fiene/iStock)

“But more than I think this argument is weak, I think it’s sad,” he said.

“Whenever I hear that, I think, ‘That’s a pretty clumsy way for these particular atheists to tell people they didn’t have a loving father.’

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In his letter to the Ephesians, St. Paul says, “Every family in heaven and on earth is named after him,” which can be confusing for people to understand, Fien said.

“Simply put, I believe Paul is making the point that God appointed earthly fathers to reflect the love of the heavenly Father,” said Fien, himself a father of five.

Happy father and son having fun playing on the beach at sunset.Fatherhood family concept

“When fathers fail to love their children and act harsh, selfish and distant, the end result is often that children lose the ability to understand the concept of a loving God,” Fain told Fox News Digital. (iStock)

Fathers who protect, love and sacrifice for their children “help their children understand in their hearts how God the Father protects them, loves them and gave the greatest sacrifice of all, the life of His Son, Jesus Christ, to save them from their sins,” he said.

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“But, of course, when a father fails to love his children and is harsh, selfish and distant, ultimately the child often loses the ability to comprehend the concept of a loving God,” he said.

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Mr. Fien said that if a person’s earthly father doesn’t care about them, “how can we expect our heavenly father to be any different?”

A boy and his parent reading the Bible together.

“And I pray that God would grant peace to all those who were not loved by their father, that He would heal their hearts by showing them the infinite love He has given to all of us through the heart of His Son, Jesus Christ,” Fiennes said. (iStock)

Jesus continues, “If you were not precious to the Father who brought you into the world, how can you believe that you are precious to the Father who created the world itself?”

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When people who were hurt or abused by their fathers claim it is “arrogant” to say that the God who created the universe also loves each individual, “they are not showing humility to the world,” he said.

“They are showing their desperation.”

“It’s not hard for me to believe that God created the universe and then gave up what is most important to Him in order to have me.”

“It’s not hard for me to believe that God created the universe and gave up what was most important to him in order to have me,” Fien said.

This is not an “unreasonable concept” to understand, he said.

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“Growing up, I saw it every day in my father’s words and actions.”

He added: “This Father’s Day, I pray that my children feel the same love that I do. I pray that God would grant faithfulness to all those who are blessed to share the name of our Heavenly Father.”

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He also said: “May God grant peace to all those who have not been loved by the Father and heal their hearts by showing them the infinite love he has for all of us through the heart of his Son, Jesus Christ.”