Biden admin prioritizes $900 million for green school buses as illiteracy plagues US schools

The Biden administration is disbursing roughly $900 million in federal grants to school districts across the country to decarbonize their bus fleets, even as child illiteracy remains a problem in the U.S. education system.

Wednesday, The White House reveals It would provide 530 school districts with roughly $900 million to replace thousands of aging gasoline-powered school buses with “cleaner” electric models.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2023 Clean School Bus Program discount competition will allow school districts to purchase more than 3,400 clean school buses, 92% of which will be electric, boosting the Biden administration’s hopes of transitioning to zero-emission vehicles..

EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan said the new school buses will improve air quality and boost manufacturing jobs.

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The White House announced Wednesday that it will provide roughly $900 million in grants to 530 school districts to replace gasoline-powered school buses with green buses. (iStock)

“President Biden believes every child deserves the opportunity to live a healthy life and breathe clean air, and his Invest in America plan is designed to do just that,” Regan said. “With today’s latest funding, we will transform the nation’s school bus fleet to better protect our most precious cargo — our children — while saving school districts money and improving air quality, all while strengthening American manufacturing.”

The EPA’s Clean School Bus Program is part of President Biden’s administration’s effort to upgrade public school infrastructure and reduce pollution from older buses.

The Biden administration’s push to upgrade school infrastructure comes as American students struggle with literacy in the classroom.

Girl with her head on the table

American children are struggling to learn how to read. (iStock)

Testing every two years National Assessment of Educational Progress NAEP consistently shows that two-thirds of fourth graders in the United States cannot read proficiently.

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An astonishing 40% are “essentially unable to read,” NAEP says.

American Classroom

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the United States spends an average of $17,013 per public school student enrolled in the fall semester of the school year. (iStock)

Despite the staggering number of children who cannot read or write, the United States spends billions of dollars each year to provide a public education for students.

by National Center for Education Statistics According to the National Center for Educational, Social and Cultural Studies (NCES), total spending on public elementary and secondary schools in the United States was $870 billion in the 2019-2020 school year. Spending remained flat for the 2021-2022 school year.

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According to NCES, the United States spends an average of $17,013 per public school student enrolled in the fall semester of the school year.

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