Florida middle school teacher found murdered at home near her wailing infant

A Florida teacher and new mom was killed by her boyfriend over the weekend in an alleged murder-suicide while her young daughter was home, police said. The bodies of Amanda Hicks, 26, and her boyfriend, whose identity has not been released, were found Saturday morning at the Peacock Run Apartments in Port Saint Lucie, about […]

High school debater, coach, bipartisan politicians blast woke judges’ blatant biases against conservatives

Some judges are censoring the perspectives of conservative students in debate competitions, a sophomore debater said Tuesday. 15-year-old Briana Whatley, who was “obsessed with debates” in the fourth grade, said, “I’m speaking out because I’m tired of having to self-censor during debates. All perspectives are welcome.” You should,” he told TheBlaze. by email on Tuesday. […]

CUNY Law speaker slams school for supporting ‘fascist’ NYPD

CUNY Law School Commencement Address Calls for “Revolution” Against US Repressive Organizations, Calls Out “Fascist” NYPD, Military, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Prison System bottom. Fatima Musa Mohammed, a future lawyer from Queens who was selected from among the 2023 class of graduates to speak at a ceremony on May 12, praised the university for supporting […]

North Dakota parents mad at school board for defying gender identities law

School districts in North Dakota have been accused by parents of keeping their students’ gender identities secret from families, even though Republican Gov. Doug Burgham signed a bill earlier this month to ban the questionable practice. bathed in Fargo Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Rupak Gandhi said in response to the law, “If we know that […]