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Biden Admin Rolling Out Stove Regulation After Insisting It’s Not Trying To Ban Gas Stoves

The Biden administration insists it has no intention of banning gas-powered models and is poised to issue final rules on stove energy efficiency, according to the Washington Post.

The Department of Energy (DOE) plans to publish the standards on Tuesday or Wednesday, following a court order requiring the regulations to be released by the end of January. according to The paper granted the source anonymity to discuss the issue. The administration proposed aggressive efficiency regulations for stoves in February 2023 and promised not to try to ban gas stoves after that. to call A suggestion of “misinformation” to the contrary.

According to the paper, the next rule will apparently apply to stoves produced after 2028, and electric stoves will need to consume 30% less energy on an annual basis than the least efficient models currently in use. . The final rule says gas stoves and electric ovens must reduce energy use by 7%, and gas ovens must achieve a 4% reduction. (Related: Biden’s environmental policies are making every part of homeownership more expensive, watchdog group says)

Although the rule will likely increase the price of certain models up front, the government says it will reduce the amount of energy used in stoves and save Americans money on energy bills in the long run, the paper said. It is said that he claims.

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Chairman Richard Trumka, Jr. said that a de facto ban on gas stoves was on the council’s table in January 2023, weeks before the administration released its original proposal. It suggested that there was a possibility that there might be, sparking a political firestorm. interview With Bloomberg News. Since then, the government has repeatedly insisted that it is a “myth” that the federal government wants to ban gas stoves.

Harvard CAPS Harris June 2023 poll Nearly 70% of respondents opposed a policy that would effectively ban gas stoves. More than 80% of Republicans and 71% of independents oppose these policies, as do 55% of Democrats surveyed.

“The majority of cooktop models, both electric and gas, will meet the standards as they currently exist without any changes,” an anonymous DOE official told the Post. “Consumers can still buy the same cooking products.”

The paper notes that while the rule does not cover stoves currently on the market or used in American homes, it is unclear how big an impact the regulation will have on the types of stoves manufactured and sold in the future. It is said that it is unknown.

In addition to stoves, the Biden DOE is also seeking to impose energy efficiency regulations on items such as water heaters, furnaces, and pool pump motors. The government has also spent hundreds of millions of dollars to help state and local governments pursue building standards aimed at “decarbonizing” buildings.

Neither the DOE nor the White House immediately responded to requests for comment.

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