Oceans group takes UK government to court over oil and gas licences | Oil and gas companies

Marine conservation groups have filed a lawsuit against the UK government, claiming that the Conservative government’s decision to issue North Sea oil and gas licenses without considering the environmental impact was unlawful. Oceana UKThe Arctic Oceans and Marine Authority, part of the International Nature Conservancy, said that in issuing the 82 licences, Energy and Security […]

11 hurt in Syracuse house collapse, possible gas explosion

A possible gas explosion shook nearby homes, caused a home to collapse in Syracuse and sent 11 people, including children, to the hospital Tuesday afternoon, according to hospital and fire officials. The two-story building collapsed just after 4 p.m., sparking a massive search and rescue operation involving more than 50 firefighters, Syracuse Fire Chief Michael […]

Russian Gas Sales To Europe Exceed US Supply As Ukraine War Rages

Russia overtook the U.S. in terms of natural gas supplied to Europe in May as the war in Ukraine continues, according to Financial Times. Once the leading supplier of gas to Europe, Russian deliveries fell off drastically following the start of the war in Ukraine as European states rushed to support the Ukrainian cause, according […]

Abortion Protest Locks Down Lawmakers Inside Arizona Capitol, Tear Gas Deployed

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Protesters angry about Friday morning’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling released some frustration at the state Capitol building in Phoenix later that evening. Several hundred protesters gathered at the doors of the Capitol as the Legislature was finishing up its legislative session. A short time later, protesters could be seen on […]

President Joe Biden prepared to use oil reserves again to lower gas prices

President Joe Biden is prepared to release more oil from the country’s strategic reserves if gas prices increase during summer. This is the latest plan by the Biden administration to counter higher prices at the pumps and the more expensive prices on various goods due to inflation.  A Biden administration energy advisor suggested that gas […]

Less demand and stagnant oil prices has led to lower gas prices for drivers

Gas prices are down 2 cents since last week. (iStock) Good news for spring and summer travelers: gas prices continued to trend downwards this week, averaging $3.46 per gallon. Reported by AAAThat’s down 2 cents from last week and 15 cents from last month. Weak demand and an excess of gas are the two main […]

CHUCK DEVORE: Gavin Newsom Is Determined To Have The Highest Gas Prices In The Country

There was a remarkable back and forth recently between Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo and California Gov. Gavin Newsom over California’s culpability for high gasoline prices on the West Coast. Lombardo sent Newsom a letter expressing concern over yet another California tax on energy, 2023’s SB X1-2 (the unartfully named California Gas Price Gouging and Transparency Law) and its spillover effects on Nevada, which […]

Forget Stoves! The Biden Admin Is Working Overtime To Phase Out All Your Gas Appliances

The Biden administration contends that it is not targeting gas stoves and other domestic conveniences afforded by fossil fuels, but its “building electrification” agenda is poised to effectively do just that, several energy policy experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation. The notion that the federal government would like to ban gas stoves is a […]

Biden’s energy chokehold lost us $150B of oil and gas

As summer driving season arrives, President Biden is once again shifting the blame for rising gas prices onto someone other than himself. First it was Trump, then it was Putin. And now, with gas prices still above $4 a gallon in many markets, Biden is blaming the “greed” of oil companies. He even wants to […]

Is the British Gas boss really worth £8.2m? | Nils Pratley

TAstraZeneca caused an uproar when it proposed to pay its chief executive, Pascal Soriot, £18.7 million if he met performance targets, sparking a 35% backlash from shareholders. The defence argument was that the drug company was one of the largest in the FTSE 100 index and had to compete for executives in the US, where […]