Biden Awards ‘Highest Civilian Honor’ to Ally Rep. Mike Gallagher

President Joe Biden’s Secretary of the Navy awarded the medal to the soon-to-be former congressman. The highest civilian honor was bestowed on Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) on Wednesday, after Gallagher delayed his resignation date long enough to protect Biden’s top priorities. This was just a few days before he resigned from Congress.

“Today, the Secretary of the Navy awarded Congressman Gallagher the Navy Achievement Award, the highest honor the U.S. Navy can bestow on civilians not employed by the Navy,” the congressman’s official X account posted on Wednesday.

Hours earlier, Gallagher’s office announced Wednesday that he would remain in office beyond his initial resignation date on Friday to vote in favor of an aid package that would send tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine. Biden said he “strongly” supports the aid package.

As Breitbart News reported early Wednesday:

[Gallagher] After being forced to resign due to the leak, he announced on March 22nd that he would resign from parliament on Friday, April 19th.

But after House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Los Angeles) announced Wednesday that the House would vote on a multi-billion dollar foreign aid package for Ukraine on Saturday, April 20, Mr. Gallagher took another stand. It’s changing.

“Lawmakers have the flexibility to stay on Saturday and support the aid package,” the spokesperson said. Said Politico.

The plan outlined by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday for Saturday’s vote includes a complex parliamentary process to facilitate the Ukraine aid.

The month between Mr. Gallagher’s announcement and his retirement date coincided with the House’s schedule for considering the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

In early April, Mr. Gallagher fought to defeat an amendment that would have required a warrant for personal information to spy on Americans. Mr. Gallagher cast the deciding vote on that amendment, but it was defeated by a tie vote, and FISA reauthorization ultimately passed the House without a warrant.

Mr. Gallagher’s priorities on this issue also mirrored those of Mr. Biden, whose national security adviser and attorney general personally lobbied members of Congress to reauthorize FISA without a warrant amendment.

House Republicans are rapidly gaining a majority. After Gallagher’s resignation, Republicans could lose just one vote to break the unified bloc of Democrats.

Biden’s Navy secretary, Carlos del Toro, visited the Capitol on Wednesday to personally present the award to Gallagher. The Cuban-born secretary was nominated by Biden in 2021 and confirmed by a voice vote in the Democratic Senate.

Del Toro is not the only prominent Cuban-born official in the Biden administration. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who was impeached by the House earlier this year but acquitted Wednesday without a trial, also immigrated to the United States from the island nation.

Mr. Gallagher was one of three House Republicans who voted against Mr. Mayorkas’ impeachment.

Bradley Jay is Breitbart News’ Capitol Hill correspondent. Follow him on X/Twitter. @BradleyAJay.