New Mexico shooting leaves at least 4 dead with two police and ‘multiple’ civilian victims

A shooting in Farmington, New Mexico, killed at least four people, including the shooter, and killed “several” civilians, police said. Police in Farmington, New Mexico, said Monday afternoon that three people were killed and at least two officers were injured in a “lively shooting” incident. Officials said there were also “multiple” civilian casualties. A Farmington […]

Texas mall massacre civilian responder Steven Spainhouer recounts violence

A desperate father rushed to the scene of Saturday’s shooting at a Texas mall that killed nine people, including an unidentified gunman, and injured seven others, missing three victims he tried to save. A child who survived the massacre by taking refuge under his bloodied, murdered mother. Stephen Spaniaur hits the Allen Premium Outlets in […]

Civilian deaths top 400 in Sudan fighting

More than 400 civilians have been killed in fighting in Sudan, according to the National Casualty Watch Group, as fighting continued over the weekend in the capital Sudan. The number of civilian deaths reached at least 411 over the weekend, according to the Sudanese Doctors Syndicate, which monitors deaths in the country. Fierce fighting in […]

Civilian Mobs Go on Lynching Spree, Burning over a Dozen Suspected Gang Members

Haitian police said on Monday that residents of the capital Port-au-Prince overpowered a group of suspected gang members and executed them by hanging and burning on the spot. Police spokesman Gary DeRogers Said Police were preparing to arrest the armed gang when a mob of angry citizens intervened. At least 10 suspected gang members were […]

New Jersey police officer shot, civilian injured

A New Jersey police officer was shot dead Saturday afternoon along with a civilian in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. The officer and the injured woman are being treated at St. Luke’s Hospital. Warren County Prosecutor James Pfeiffer told News 12 New Jersey that the bullet passed through the officer’s car door and hit him in the […]

Russian Army wives tricked into exposing identities of pilots behind civilian attacks

A Ukrainian hacktivist tricked a group of Russian military wives into posing for photos revealing their husbands’ identities. Her husband’s identity was blamed for killing hundreds of civilians in the bombing of a converted theater shelter in Mariupol last March. The virtual false flag operation exposed 12 elite Kremlin combat pilots to potential war crime […]

China Claims Alleged Spy Balloon Is ‘Civilian Airship’ Researching Weather

China’s foreign ministry on Friday initially denied knowledge of a giant surveillance balloon hovering in US airspace, then claimed it was a meteorological research “airship.” The Pentagon responded to the puzzling question why the incredibly well-funded U.S. military could not find, intercept, or destroy the balloon, saying that attacking it would endanger people on the […]