Biden Mocked Online After Renewing Call for ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden renewed his call for a ban on “assault weapons” in a post on X, for which he was mocked.

Biden posted:

He was quickly mocked on X, with one user responding: “Time for a new president.”

“You claim to disarm the people, but you want to jail your opponents. What a fascist,” wrote another.

Another added: “‘Shall not be infringed’ means ‘shall not be infringed’. End of debate.”

Other users accused Biden of sniffing children (and asked him to stop), while one X user wrote, “If you want to end gun violence, take the guns out of the hands of Democrats.”

“A man who left $85 billion worth of military equipment, including guns and ammunition, in Afghanistan for the Taliban to keep has no time for ‘gun control’,” wrote another X user.

“Columbine happened during the last assault weapons ban, but that’s ok,” one self-described libertarian pointed out.

Many users pointed to Biden’s open borders and the millions of unvetted illegal immigrants who have poured through them into the United States, suggesting that the danger posed by these unknown border crossers actually requires people to arm themselves for self-defense.

The backlash was so intense that you had to scroll through the first 39 replies to find someone who agreed with Biden’s post.

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