Chase online banking bug causes double transactions and fees

Check out what’s being clicked on Customers of Chase’s online banking service may have seen some discrepancies between their accounts on Friday. A glitch that wasn’t fixed until later in the day caused some people to have double transactions, fees and payments on their accounts. Social media posts by those affected said rent and […]

China Launches Online Censorship Sweep Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary

The Chinese Communist government is stepping up online censorship ahead of the June 4, 1989, anniversary of the massacre of student demonstrators in Tiananmen Square. It is illegal to mourn or discuss the incident in China. Every year, the Chinese government removes content from the heavily blocked, cracked and censored internet backwaters of Tiananmen, but […]

Budweiser’s ad touting Harley-Davidson-marked cans mocked online

Anheuser-Busch has released a new Harley-Davidson-themed commercial for sister brand Budweiser, accused of pandering to conservatives who boycotted Bud Light. The beer company, which has seen sales of its Bud Light Tank grow in recent weeks after backlash over its partnership with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney, recently launched a specially crafted Harley-Davidson logo. […]

Pros and cons of online apps for prescription meds

Scrolling through your social media feeds or TV, you’re bound to see ads for apps that give you easy access to medicine. Can you trust that you have access to a telemedicine pharmacy? New Weight Loss Sensation, OzempicYou can get hair loss pills from Hims or Keeps.? You can get acne cream from Curology. Is […]

EU Furious After Elon Musk Pulls Twitter Out of Online Censorship Plan

EU officials were outraged on Friday after Twitter owner Elon Musk removed the platform from the EU’s online censorship project. Elon Musk has outraged people in Brussels by excluding Twitter from the EU’s “Code of Conduct,” a censorship-promoting project aimed at combating so-called “disinformation” online. This comes after months of mixed messages from the billionaire […]

Gen Z teens are drinking less alcohol, socializing online

Kids these days don’t have the same goals that teenagers had in 1999, like getting drunk at parties. Generation Z teens in 2022 were far more likely to stay sober or drink less throughout high school than teens in 1999-2001, according to a new study. published In the journal Drug and Alcohol Review, Back then, […]

Trump’s bizarre reaction to DeSantis’ announcement sparks confusion online

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday lashed out at Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a bizarre post on Truth Social, causing immediate chaos. “‘Rob,’ my red button is bigger, better, stronger and working (truth!), yours is not! By conversation!),” he said in a post with President Trump. The comments came after DeSantis formally announced […]

Five Reasons to Try Unibet’s New Online Casino App

Commercial Content 21+. An established European brand, Unibet has set its sights on the highly competitive US market with a revamped casino product. The newly released casino app available in New Jersey introduces exciting features focused on bonuses and user experience/navigation. Here are five compelling reasons why you should try Unibet’s revamped casino app. 1. […]