Biden Pushes Gun Control After Laken Riley Killed via Blunt Force Trauma

Less than a week after Laken Riley reportedly died from blunt force trauma caused by a non-American, President Joe Biden spoke to reporters about his efforts to fight crime and strengthen gun control. Ta.

biden Said“I have taken more executive actions to stem the flow of illegal guns than any administration in history. And when I signed the most significant gun safety legislation in nearly 30 years, , we defeated the NRA.”

He went on to say: “We’re going to get the job done. Next time we’re going to ban ‘assault weapons’ and ‘high capacity’ magazines, because we have to.”

Last Thursday, nursing student Laken Riley was found dead on the University of Georgia campus, and Breitbart News reported that the man suspected of killing her was a non-US citizen. people magazine pointed It was determined that Riley “died from blunt force trauma to the head.”

But Biden has pushed for gun control, telling reporters, “My administration will choose progress over politics, and communities across the country are safer as a result of its policies.” There is no greater responsibility than ensuring the safety of our families, children, communities, and nation. ”

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