Michigan worker pushes back against labor union membership

Four months after Michigan repealed its right-to-work law, a growing number of workers are filing lawsuits against employers for trying to force them to join a union. Right-to-work laws ensure that employees cannot lose their jobs for refusing to join a union. Even without these laws, the U.S. Supreme Court in Janus v. AFSCME (2018) […]

Biden Pushes Gun Control Hours After Son Convicted on Firearm Charges

President Joe Biden spoke Tuesday afternoon pleading for stricter gun control measures for Americans, just hours after his son Hunter was convicted of firearms-related charges. The speech was given at an event hosted by Everytown for Gun Safety, of which Mike Bloomberg is a member. Biden Said“In two weeks we will mark the two-year anniversary […]

In Egypt and then Israel, Blinken pushes on all fronts for Gaza ceasefire

BLINKEN: ‘IF YOU WANT A CEASEFIRE, PRESS HAMAS TO SAY YES’: Even though the ceasefire and hostage release plan announced by President Joe Biden on May 31 was presented as an Israeli proposal, Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in Tel Aviv on Monday urging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant […]

Bryce Harper pushes for MLB to pause season for next Olympics

Bryce Harper wants to compete in the Olympics before it’s all over. The outspoken Phillies superstar has called for Major League Baseball to consider temporarily suspending its season for the other Olympics, as the WNBA does with the Summer Olympics and the NHL does with the Winter Olympics. Typically, the U.S. team is made up […]

Merrick Garland pushes House GOP on ‘dangerous’ rhetoric

Attorney General Merrick Garland struck a stronger tone before the House Judiciary Committee, repeatedly challenging Republican rhetoric, calling it “false” and “dangerous.” The backlash from the mild-mannered attorney general comes amid heightened Republican attention to investigations into former President Trump, particularly those being conducted by district attorneys. Garland has also been criticized for his decision […]

CNN Panel Pushes Back On Former Biden Spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield Defending Admin’s Border Policies

A CNN panel pushed back against former White House communications director Kate Bedingfield’s defense of President Joe Biden’s administration’s border policies Tuesday. Biden unveiled executive action Tuesday afternoon to pause new asylum requests after the average number of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border exceeded 2,500 over a span of a week. Bordercrossers will once again […]

Angel Reese pushes back on WNBA-Caitlin Clark popularity narrative

Angel Reese, along with Caitlin Clark, want to get the recognition they deserve for the growing popularity of women’s basketball, and they have no plans to stop fighting for it. The Chicago Sky star made clear how he felt about it, two days after the controversy was reignited when teammate Chennedy Carter delivered harsh criticism […]

Fauci pushes back at fiery hearing

Fauci said, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases The president, who served for four decades until his retirement in 2022, faced tough questioning from Republicans on a House subcommittee investigating the nation’s coronavirus response. The committee has been investigating the origins of the virus and recently Fauci’s roleThe 83-year-old immunologist began drawing the ire […]

‘Non-binary’ teacher pushes chemical castration for kids

Of the fierce debates raging between left and right, the question of whether children should be allowed to undergo medical gender reassignment is arguably one of the most important. Allie Beth Stuckey Relatable producer Ellen Fisher has been steadfast in her stance that children should not be allowed to medically transition, and she made her […]