Biden to grads of traditionally black Morehouse College: Black men getting killed in street; US doesn’t love black men enough

President Joe Biden devoted part of his commencement address Sunday at Morehouse College, a traditionally black school, to racial issues, particularly in America, where black men are being killed in the streets, and how this country is killing black men. I told the graduates that I don’t love them as much as I love black men.i love america

Biden told those in caps and gowns that he was unable to attend his high school graduation ceremony because of the COVID pandemic. National Public Radio reportedAnd they added that they “started attending college just as George Floyd was murdered and a racial reckoning took place.”

“It’s natural to wonder whether the democracy you hear so much about actually works for you.”

“It’s natural to wonder if the democracy you hear so much about actually works for you,” he told the graduates. “What is democracy when black men are being murdered in the streets? What is democracy when the scars of broken promises still remain in black communities? What is democracy if you have to be 10 times better than others to be tried? Above all, as we heard before, even if your country doesn’t love you equally. But what does it mean to be a black man who loves his country?”

What is the reaction of observers?

The irony of TikTok’s library I got it. “I’m inspiring the black graduates of Morehouse College by telling them they are victims and America hates them,” Biden said.

jordan peterson Added The Democratic Party is “completely incapable of learning” that “living by the victim/victim narrative” means “dying by the victim/victim narrative.”

Will Johnson Said “As a black American, I find this extremely offensive. [Biden] Along with other “Democrats,” he created the situation that most black people find themselves in today. Black people must take responsibility as well. ”

Also @delinthecity_, a veteran and Texas native. I was indignant “Is Joe Biden going to tell them that he’s one of those people who really hates black people and that he’s the one who wrote the 1994 crime bill that locked up and imprisoned a lot of black people? Joe Biden is one of the most racist politicians in the United States and a pathological liar. ”

anything else?

NPR did not mention that Biden’s speech came at a time when “polls show potentially lower support for his re-election effort among Black voters and younger voters.” Ta. Biden also spent time on stage slamming former President Donald Trump, who is likely to face him in the November election.

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