Biden visits New Hampshire to detail impact of PACT Act on veterans

  • President Joe Biden is visiting New Hampshire to discuss the impact of the PACT Act, which aims to help veterans exposed to toxins.
  • Since the law was enacted in August 2022, more than 1 million claims have been granted, benefiting approximately 888,000 veterans nationwide.
  • Total benefits awarded under the PACT Act total about $5.7 billion, according to administration data.

President Joe Biden, looking to tout his legislative accomplishments this election year, traveled to New Hampshire on Tuesday to provide important benefits to veterans as a result of burnout and other toxic exposures while on the job. We will detail the impact of legislation that will assist you in obtaining this.

In raw numbers, more than 1 million veterans’ claims have been approved since Biden signed the so-called PACT Act in August 2022, the administration announced Tuesday. This represents approximately 888,000 veterans and survivors from all 50 states who were eligible to receive disability benefits under the law.

The administration says benefits awarded to veterans and their survivors total approximately $5.7 billion.

Thousands of veterans continue to receive additional benefits as the Treaty Act approaches its first anniversary

“I think for too long the president has believed that too many veterans got sick while serving and fighting for our country and that we have to fight those veterans for their care,” Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough told reporters on Monday.

President Joe Biden speaks at a Jewish American Heritage Month event in the White House Rose Garden on May 20, 2024 in Washington. Biden is scheduled to visit New Hampshire to detail the impact of legislation that helps veterans receive important benefits as a result of burnout and other toxic exposures while on the job. (AP Photo/Jacqueline Martin)

While the PACT Act is relatively low-key compared to the president’s other legislative accomplishments, such as bipartisan infrastructure legislation and sweeping tax, climate and health care policies, it is deeply personal to Biden.

He blamed burn pits for the death of his son Beau, who was serving in Iraq, from a brain tumor, and repeatedly vowed to pass the PACT Act. Burn pits are where chemicals, tires, plastics, medical equipment, and human waste are disposed of on military bases and used in Iraq and Afghanistan.


However, before the PACT Act was enacted, the Department of Veterans Affairs denied 70% of disability claims related to burn pit exposure. Currently, the law requires veterans to assume that certain respiratory illnesses or cancers are related to burns or other toxic exposures, without the veteran proving the link. ing.