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Biden’s intel community circulates DEI newsletter highlighting cross-dressing, inclusive language

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The executive branch of the U.S. intelligence community, including the CIA and several military top spy agencies, recently distributed a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) newsletter featuring a secret agent who revealed himself to be a cross-dresser.

The in-house newsletter “The Dive” highlights several left-wing initiatives, and was classified by the intelligence agency’s Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility as part of the U.S. spy organization, according to a review of the document by Fox News Digital. It has been circulated throughout.

It is housed in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the Cabinet-level position that oversees the intelligence community. The document’s theme is “Words Matter,” and focuses on how spy agencies can become more inclusive.

“This issue of The Dive highlights some efforts to improve the accuracy of the language we use in other topics. These are just a sample, and across our agency It is not meant to be comprehensive of all the great work being done in the United States,” the newsletter’s anonymous editor-in-chief wrote in the document.

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President Biden’s Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, testifies at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on March 8, 2023. (Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“This edition also includes articles that speak to broader inclusivity, exploring gender identity, advances in accessibility, and diversity in leadership.”

This newsletter contains 6 articles. One on changing terminology related to counterterrorism, one on “linguistic diversity,” another on rethinking how we “talk about Africa,” and a fourth on gender representation for intelligence agents. , one on accessibility in combat zones, and a final article on the 6th Annual African American and Hispanic Leadership Summit.

The first article, from the perspective of an intelligence official, points out how some trainings and presentations have previously conflated Islamic beliefs with terrorism. The authors say such language is “offensive and alienating to our Muslim American colleagues.”

The authors also detail efforts to revise intelligence agency presentations to eliminate problematic language.

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A similar effort is covered separately by the Editor-in-Chief in the newsletter, how a new Asian and Pacific Islander Employee Resource Group has succeeded in “creating a new framework and language guidelines for how to talk about the People’s Republic of China.” I’m explaining what I did.

The article on “Language Diversity” includes a diagram of an example of removing biased languages. The report said authorities used the terms “blacklisted” because it implied “black people are bad and white people good” and the terms “cakewalk” and “grandfathered” because of their ties to slavery. It also states that the term “health inspection” should be avoided because it is suggestive. People with mental illness are inferior.

This article about gender identity was written by an anonymous intelligence officer whose skills were honed by cross-dressing.

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“I am an intelligence officer and a man who likes to wear women’s clothes from time to time,” the author writes. “I believe that my experience as a cross-dresser helped me hone my skills as an intelligence agent, especially critical thinking and perspective-taking.

“It’s difficult for some people to understand cross-dressers, non-binary and gender fluid people because gender is part of their overall identity,” he added. “Many of us think of our identities as fixed, and some feel that this approach to gender threatens their own identities.”

Newsletter articles written by anonymous government agents,

The newsletter article, written by an anonymous government agent, is titled, “My Gender Identity and Expression Makes Me a Better Intelligence Officer.” (IC Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility)

The officer said cross-dressing helped him understand how to better support foreign actors, secret assets, and women and LGBTQIA+ colleagues.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, ODNI confirmed its efforts to “build a diverse and inclusive workforce” through the newsletter.

“The Intelligence Community Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility manages the IC’s efforts to build a diverse and inclusive workforce, and as part of its work, the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the Quarterly Journal We are distributing The Dive to each IC division’s DEIA office and/or Equal Employment Opportunity Department,” an ODNI spokesperson said.

America’s military and our country will not survive if walkism continues to dominate.

The newsletter was first obtained through a Freedom of Information request by the Daily Wire and later obtained by Fox News Digital. In preparing this document, ODNI redacted the names of all newsletter authors due to Freedom of Information Act confidentiality and personal privacy exemptions.

Republican Arkansas State Sen. Tom Cotton

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), a member of the Armed Services Committee, criticized the Biden administration after reviewing the DEI newsletter. (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

In response to the document, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), a member of the Armed Services Committee, questioned the priorities of the Biden administration and the intelligence community.

“It is deeply concerning that the Biden administration is prioritizing DEI over national security,” Cotton told Fox News Digital in a statement. “Intelligence agents should spend their time finding terrorists, not worrying about whether they will anger them.”


Jeremy Hunt, a former military intelligence officer and president of Veterans on Duty, a group focused on national security, said the newsletter would change its language to make it more inclusive of the intelligence community. He expressed concern about the focus.

“Our primary focus is not on defending our homeland, and this absurd attempt to police the wording of intelligence assessments in order to be politically correct is undoubtedly a poor quality, inaccurate and confusing attempt.” “It will result in an uninformed intelligence report that will leave legislators and decision-makers ill-informed and unable to exercise their reasonable judgment,” Hunt said.