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Bill Belichick, Jordon Hudson take coach’s boat for Nantucket outing

Bill Belichick was spotted heading to Nantucket on Wednesday with his 24-year-old girlfriend to enjoy some sun on the former NFL coach’s boat.

Belichick and Jordan Hudson were spotted with another unidentified man for the first time since photos and videos of their relationship were made public. The Daily Mail announced this.

The photo shows Belichick holding what appears to be a white blanket under his arm and Hudson sitting next to him with his cell phone in his left hand as the couple casually walk down the pier toward their boat.

Bill Belichick and his girlfriend Jordan Hudson met for the first time on an airplane. TMZ Sports

The former Patriots coach appeared to be wearing a blue nautical-themed short-sleeve hoodie, white shorts and a blue baseball cap, with a bag slung over his right shoulder.

Hudson, who is 48 years Belichick’s junior, wore a black top that revealed her shoulders, white lace shorts, sandals and black-rimmed glasses.

She had a black bag slung over her left shoulder and was carrying a navigational buoy.

A video posted by the media outlet shows the two men walking in a line with an unidentified man to the hospital, with Hudson walking behind Belichick and looking at his cell phone and appearing to type, a sign of their Generation Z age.

Belichick and Hudson’s relationship has been a hot topic since TMZ first reported last week that the 72-year-old Belichick and the 24-year-old former cheerleader were romantically involved.

Hudson, 24, is rumored to be romantically involved with the 72-year-old football coach. Jordan Hudson/Instagram
Doorbell footage of Bill Belichick leaving the home of his girlfriend Jordan Hudson. The footage appears to have been taken in the early hours of November 2023 at the front door of Hudson’s $800,000 Massachusetts estate.

The relationship reportedly dates back to 2022, when Belichick split with longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday.

Though the pair only went public last week, there have been signs of an affair between them after they’ve been spotted together multiple times over the past two years, including earlier this year when Belichick opted to attend a cheerleading competition at National Harbor rather than the NFL Combine.

Hudson also reportedly attended Tom Brady’s Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony with Belichick last week.

Bill Belichick talks with Tom Brady during Tom Brady’s 2024 Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Gillette Stadium on June 12, 2024. Getty Images

The Daily Mail reported that doorbell footage showing Belichick sneaking out of a stranger’s house shirtless late last year had gone viral online, and that footage captured Belichick leaving Hudson’s home earlier that day.

More details about the couple have emerged since first reports broke, with TMZ publishing photos of the pair’s first meeting together, taken on a flight from Boston to Florida when football coach Belichick approached the then-21-year-old Hudson about a philosophy project.