Billboard Thanking Biden in Jerusalem Now Criticizes Him

Billboards in West Jerusalem that once thanked US President Joe Biden for his support have been changed to criticize Biden for pressuring Israel not to pursue Hamas terrorists and winning the war in Gaza.

Breitbart News pointed out in October, shortly after the war broke out:

On Emek Refaim Street in the heart of the former German colony, an area popular with Americans, the only sign visible Friday night was a sign thanking President Joe Biden for his support. Families gathered quietly for the Sabbath meal. Some walked down the street, mothers pushing strollers and fathers carrying rifles slung over their shoulders. There are concerns that some of the Hamas terrorists who entered Israel on October 7 are hiding and could launch another attack at any time.

Biden visited Israel a few days ago, becoming the first US president to visit Israel during wartime.

But Biden is now seen as hostile to Israel, having criticized Israel’s war effort and withheld critical weapons from Israel’s operation in Rafah to overthrow Hamas.

The sign currently reads: “Dear Mr. President: The cries of our babies, women, men, and elders who have been killed, butchered, and burned alive are calling you from the ashes. No more!” Stop! please! ”

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan claimed Monday that there was “more heat than light” in media coverage of differences between the Biden administration and the Israeli government over the war effort.

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