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Bombshell investigation links Russia’s shadowy ‘unit 29155’ to ‘Havana syndrome’ attacks against US officials

A senior Pentagon official who attended last year’s NATO summit in Lithuania reportedly experienced symptoms similar to those reported by U.S. officials suffering from the so-called “Havana syndrome.” Associated Press.

It is now believed that Russian intelligence agents using energy weapons may be behind the disease, according to a recent investigation into strange and debilitating symptoms, particularly among U.S. military personnel. There is.

Havana syndrome is still being studied and it is not yet known how it is caused.time magazine report The syndrome was first reported in 2016 by U.S. embassy staff in Havana, Cuba’s capital. Those who experienced this disease suffered from extreme headaches and heard sharp sounds at night.

Since 2016, an estimated 1,000 U.S. government employees have suffered symptoms similar to those experienced in Havana. Other symptoms of this syndrome include nausea, nosebleeds, and memory loss. Health experts and medical researchers still do not understand how this disease is caused due to its elusive nature.

A joint investigation published by Russian independent news outlet Insider, CBS’ “60 Minutes” and German news outlet Der Spiegel found that “an unusual health incident of unknown origin, also known as Havana Syndrome, may be linked to directed energy weapons.” It has become clear that it may have originated from the use of “Used by Russia’s foreign military intelligence services, G.R.U..

According to reports, new facts have revealed that Russia’s mysterious “Unit 29155” is responsible for the disease. Debriefing session.

One of the alleged attacks occurred during the 2023 NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania. “We can confirm that a senior Pentagon official experienced symptoms similar to those reported in an unusual health incident,” Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh told reporters on Monday.

Asked whether Russia might have been involved in the attack, Singh insisted it was up to intelligence agencies to reveal that information.

Singh said the official who allegedly developed symptoms of Havana syndrome was not part of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s official touring delegation to the summit, but was “in attendance at a meeting that is part of the NATO summit. , separately,” added that he was on the spot.

newsweek report Speculation about the cause of this syndrome has focused on some form of energy or sonic weaponry.

David Relman, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, said in February 2022: Symptom research Symptoms of the disease appeared to show “clear evidence of damage to the auditory and vestibular systems of the brain.”

Exactly one year ago, US intelligence agencies claimed it was “very unlikely” that a foreign enemy was behind the symptoms.

Officials said there was “no credible evidence that a foreign enemy possessed weapons or collection devices” that caused the symptoms.

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