Brawl Between Adults and Kids Breaks Out at Tennessee Kindergarten Graduation

A kindergarten graduation ceremony in Tennessee turned chaotic after a fight broke out between at least 10 adults and children.

The harrowing video shows the May 15 incident at Buckley Carpenter Elementary School in Somerville, a small town just outside Memphis. Expanded Police told Fox 13 Memphis that tension between two women in the crowd spilled over to other spectators.

Taishia Humphries and Kiera Smith allegedly started fighting in the bleachers of the school gym, and several people on the floor also began exchanging blows.

Humphries blamed Smith for the fight, telling police they had been longtime friends and that he already had a protection order against Smith. Humphries accused Smith of striking him first, but “Smith claimed a childhood friend started the fight,” police said. New York Post report.

Humphries was arrested on charges of violating a protective order, inciting a riot and three counts of simple assault.

A man identified as Dantavious Gilcrease also is charged in connection to the altercation that spilled outside the building, during which he allegedly told Humphries’ mother, Rhonda Humphries, that he was going to shoot her in the face, according to records obtained by Fox 13 Memphis.

Rhonda Humphries, who was also arrested in the brawl, told local media she was wrongfully arrested and witnessed her son being elbowed in the head by an adult during the fight.

“It’s a real embarrassment for the county and I hope the law will bring the truth out and clear my name and find out what really happened to my son because the commission won’t allow me to view the video,” she said.

“I became hysterical. The police called an ambulance,” she added. “They told him he had a concussion and released him.”

Several children were also charged.