Brother of Kansas City shooting victim says slain sister ‘never made it to the hospital’ after parade horror: report

The mother of two who was shot and killed at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade Wednesday was not taken to the hospital after the horrific shooting occurred and a large crowd of spectators were quickly evacuated.

Lisa Lopez-Gabran, 43, was killed on the street near Union Station west side in the shooting around 2 p.m., and her brother, Beto Lopez, was killed. he told the Kansas City Star.

Initial reports said López-Gabran, a popular DJ and radio host, died on the operating table after the shooting. But her brother said otherwise.

“She was never taken to the hospital,” said Lopez, a leader in the Hispanic community and president and CEO of the Guadalupe Center in Kansas City.

Lisa López Gavran, left, was killed in a shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade on Wednesday afternoon.
López-Gabran was the only person killed in the shooting, but 22 others, including many children, were injured. Getty Images

He went on to say that his late sister was the most active of his four siblings, calling her “the life of the party” wherever he went.

“Merry man,” Lopez said. “She was very loved in the community and had a big heart. She was a huge sports fan and Kansas City fan.”

Lopez told the magazine that her sister was near the scene of the shooting along with her son and daughter, Adriana, and several younger cousins.

“They were enjoying the day and getting ready to go home. Everyone was,” Lopez said.

“They were all together in a way,” he continued. “They were caught in the crossfire of whatever was going on. … She was trying to go celebrate like everyone else.”

Her younger brother, Beto Lopez, said she was the most active of the siblings, partying everywhere she went. linkedin

But a mass shooting marred the celebration, leaving 22 people with gunshot wounds on a day that was supposed to celebrate the Chiefs’ recent Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves stressed Thursday that the shooting had nothing to do with homegrown terrorism or violent extremism. The shooting incident sparked a riot in the street, leaving dozens of people dead.

Police have three suspects in custody, two of whom are juveniles. They have not yet been charged, Graves said.

Lopez-Gabran’s son was also injured in the shooting.

“We have a subject in custody,” Graves said. “It should be noted that we are working to determine the involvement of others and have recovered several firearms…This incident remains a very active investigation.”

She also left a message for López-Gabran’s family and friends: “Our thoughts are with you and we are working tirelessly to investigate her murder.”

But she was not the only victim of the unfortunate family, her brother said.

The Star reported that her son Mark, who is in his 20s, was shot in the leg and was treated at a health university.

The bullets also struck his cousin’s two young daughters, Madison, a fourth-grader, and Melia, a third-grader.

The shooting was a horrifying end to what was supposed to be a celebration. AFP (via Getty Images)
Lopez-Gabran was a DJ and local radio host who lived near Shawnee, Kansas. KKFI/UPI/Shutterstock

He did not discuss their conditions but said their wounds were not life-threatening.

Kansas City police said Thursday that many of the injured were children. More than half of the 22 victims were under the age of 16.

Children’s Mercy Hospital told The Star that all are expected to recover.

The baby of the family, López-Gabran graduated from Bishop Miege High School in Roland Park, a community just outside the Kansas City limits.

The Shawnee, Kansas resident is a DJ by trade and co-hosted a Hispanic music program on a local radio station, The Star reported.

Lopez said she was worried about her niece and nephew, who watched their mother get shot.

López-Gabran (second from right) was also the baby in her family, with three older siblings. Facebook/Lisa Lopez Galván

“We really have to help him mentally to get through this,” Lopez said of her nephew. “The shock, apart from the initial shock, he was there with his mother when all this happened.”

But the family said they would make sure their sister was never forgotten.

“If I have to use this as an example to finally get the attention it deserves in Congress and really address gun violence, that’s going to be part of my mission for the rest of my life.” he said.

“That’s murder,” he continued. “For me to say that…’My sister was killed.'” That’s also ridiculous to say. ”



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