‘Bud Light Treatment’: Conservative Influencer Calls For Chipotle Boycott

“Get woke, go broke,” goes the saying. But it seems American big brands are failing to learn from Bud Light’s mistakes, at least if a now-viral Reddit post from an alleged former employee is anything to go by.

In a January post on the Chipotle Subreddit, user Extreme_Paper5550 described a time when he was training a new hire, who he casually called “bro.” The new recruit then angrily informed Extreme_Paper5550 that he used they/them pronouns, and he subsequently received a full write up from his general manager, who said “his hands are tied” in dealing with a “misgendering” complaint and that he had no option but to discipline the offending employee.

The post received over 3,000 votes and attracted 90 comments in the last month, but received significantly more attention when Australian-American political commentator Nick Adams amplified it on Monday.

“I will never eat at Chipotle again, their guacamole isn’t even that good…It’s time to BOYCOTT CHIPOTLE!!” Adams wrote on Twitter. (RELATED: Crazy Brawl Pops Off In Chipotle, With One Guy Flying Like Spider-Man)

Such was Adams’ disgust he even paid a visit to his local Chipotle to film a video encouraging his followers to abandon the chain.

The responses to the post have been predictably polarizing, with another Redditor claiming the account was a hoax and “bait” and that the employee hadn’t worked there for months.

A Chipotle spokesperson told the Caller the company is “investigating this matter to determine if this disciplinary claim is fake.”

According to its own website, the Mexican-style food chain backs multiple “inclusion” and “Pride” initiatives aimed at gay, bisexual, transgender and even “Two-Spirit” people.

The online backlash has been relatively limited at the moment, and has yet to spiral into the kind of Bud Light-sized downturn in sales that sent parent company Anheuser-Busch scrambling to win back its traditional customer base through partnerships with more conservative-friendly figures like comedian Shane Gillis and UFC head Dana White.

This story has been updated with a statement from Chipotle.



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