Building collapse that killed 4 people in Spain was caused by negligence

  • A fatal building collapse on the Spanish island of Mallorca occurred because the building did not have the proper permits.
  • Excessive weight on the first floor terrace and poor construction work were cited as the main causes of the collapse.
  • There were 21 people on the terrace at the time of the incident.

A building housing a bar and restaurant club collapsed on the Spanish island of Mallorca, killing four people, but the island’s local authorities said on Tuesday that the building did not have the proper permits.

Palma de Mallorca Mayor Jaime Martinez told reporters that the collapse of the first-floor terrace was likely caused by the building’s excessive weight and improper construction work.

Last Thursday, a terrace collapsed, killing two German women, aged 20 and 30, a Spanish woman, 33, and a Senegalese man, 44. The Spanish woman was said to have been working at the club.

Building collapses on Spanish island of Mallorca, killing four, officials say

“There should have been nothing happening on the roof (of the building),” fire department spokesman Edel Garcia said.

A firefighter looks at part of a building that collapsed, killing four people, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, May 24, 2024. The bar and restaurant club building that collapsed in Mallorca, killing four people, did not have the proper permits, local authorities on the island said Tuesday. (AP Photo/Francisco Uvira)

The terrace damaged the ground floor and the disco area in the basement.

Garcia said there were 21 people on the terrace when the tragedy occurred. He said the combined weight of 12 Dutch people sitting at tables and the waiters serving them likely compressed the roof.

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Palma is the capital of a Mediterranean island popular with tourists, and the restaurant, Medusa Beach Club, was located near the busy tourist beach.