Buses Dropping off Illegals at NJ Train Stations to Travel On to Big Apple after Bus Restrictions

New Jersey officials are planning to stop illegal aliens from continuing to travel to New York City as part of a series of restrictive measures enacted by Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams aimed at restricting immigrant bus service from New York state. reported seeing him being removed from a bus at the station where he boarded the train. Enter the city.

New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy's office has reported sightings of buses in several cities dropping off illegal aliens at NJ Transit stations after boarding trains to complete their journey to New York City. There is.

“Our administration has tracked the recent arrival of several buses carrying immigrant families at various New Jersey Transit stations,” Murphy spokesman Tyler Jones said. Said politiko on sunday. “New Jersey was primarily used as a stopover for these families, and all or nearly all continued their journey en route to their final destination, New York City. We are working closely with our federal and local partners, including our colleagues.”

Officials in Secaucus, Fanwood, Trenton and Jersey City all reported seeing buses dropping off migrants at train stations in their jurisdictions.

“It seems clear that bus operators are finding ways to thwart bus requirements. [New York City] Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli issued an executive order last week allowing migrants to be dropped off at the Secaucus train station and transported to their final destination.”

In September, Governor Murphy himself appeared on television to promote his sanctuary city status and actively campaigned for the governor's race, but he declared that New Jersey could no longer accept immigrants living there illegally. warned the person.

This is the same as Governor Murphy, who as a candidate in 2017 advocated turning the entire state into a “sanctuary state.”

When Mr. Murphy was running against Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, he did his best to target the votes of people who were obsessed with the idea of ​​”sanctuary” policies.

During his campaign, Guadagno directly opposed sanctuary city policies, saying such police pose a danger to communities and reward illegal activity.

But Murphy disagreed, according to politiko Said Sanctuary policy was about “inclusivity,” and admitting illegal aliens was about “the goodness of America,” arguing that it was about correcting “the nation's moral compass.”

And during the gubernatorial debate in October 2017, Murphy said: blown up Guadagno took a stand against illegal immigrants, promising that if elected, “we will be a sanctuary, not just as a city, but as a state.”

The latest strategy for New York City-bound buses (most of which depart from Texas and are being orchestrated by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott) follows Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams' rules that limit bus times, days and numbers. It was carried out following. You can enter cities as well as places where you are allowed to drop off passengers. hinder Allow drop-offs as much as possible without banning them completely.

Adams last week argued that the city is at a “breaking point,” adding that buses are causing a “deterioration in the quality of life” for New Yorkers.

“We are seeing a decline in the quality of life that has improved in the short term of this administration,” Adams said. I was able to do it,” he added. We are preventing the visualization of this crisis from reaching our city, but we are reaching a breaking point. We can't do that anymore because the numbers are huge. ”

Adams' new rules mirror similar rules created by another hypocritical left-wing big city mayor. Brandon Johnson, the mayor of the sanctuary city of Chicago, also quietly passed rules imposing stricter restrictions on buses to prevent them from dropping off undocumented immigrants in the Windy City.

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