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Buttigieg Blames Climate Change for Rise in Severe Flight Turbulence

Fasten your seat belt and remain seated at all times: Your flight is going to be bumpy, say authorities like Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who argued Sunday that climate change is one of the driving forces behind the increase in severe flight turbulence.

Buttigieg began his prediction by declaring, “The reality is that the impacts of climate change are already being felt on transportation.”

He is from CBS Confronting the statePredicting severe turbulence will continue to “impact American travelers” both at home and abroad, Buttigieg continued.

We’ve seen it in everything from statistically impossible heat waves threatening to melt cables in the Pacific Northwest’s transportation system to, as you said, signs of an increasingly intense hurricane season with about a 15 percent increase in turbulence.

It means appreciating everything we can do about it.

a study Quote CNBC Featured in the Journal Geophysical Research Letters A study last year found that clear-air turbulence (CAT) increased between 1979 and 2020, with “severe or more severe” turbulence – the strongest category of CAT – occurring 55 percent more frequently over the North Atlantic during that period.

“Our environment is changing,” Buttigieg continued, “and our policies, technology and infrastructure must evolve with it.”

Buttigieg said Singapore Airlines Flight SQ321, en route from London to Singapore, encountered severe turbulence last Tuesday, injuring more than 30 passengers and killing a British man who is believed to have suffered a suspected heart attack.

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Phongsakorn Rodpai, via Storyful, @terlerrrr /TMX

“Clearly, anything that extreme is very rare, but disruptions can happen and sometimes they happen unexpectedly,” Buttigieg explained.

“This is about making sure we stay ahead of the curve and keeping aviation as safe as it is. It’s no surprise that aviation has become the safest mode of travel in America. We shouldn’t look at this as mission accomplished.”

Since assuming his leadership role at the Department of Transportation on February 3, 2021, Buttigieg has made tackling climate change a priority.

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Previously, in 2019, he claimed that climate change was causing the Syrian civil war and mass migration from Central America, Breitbart News reported.

“There’s evidence that drought, possibly exacerbated in part by climate change, is contributing to everything from the Syrian civil war to the Central American migrants that are starting to overrun our borders. And this is just the beginning,” Buttigieg told interviewer Alisyn Camerota.

“There may be a climate war in the future. Let’s not let that happen.”

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