Singapore Airlines Flight Flew Through Dangerous Zone That Pilots Fear: Report

Dozens of people were injured after Singapore Airlines Flight SQ321 was caught in turbulence. A Singapore Airlines plane that was caught in severe turbulence and killed one passenger may have crashed into an area known as the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ICZ), a former pilot said. According to the NASA Earth Observatory, it’s the region orbiting […]

5 Passengers Escorted Off Ryanair Flight For Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour

Police confiscated the tourists’ passports and prevented them from returning home. Five tourists on a Ryanair flight from the UK to Spain were escorted by police upon landing in Tenerife after behaving in an inappropriate and disruptive manner, reports According to the newspaper, the incident occurred on May 16th on flight FR4346. The passengers, […]

Flight Turbulence Increasingly Common Due To Climate Change: Experts

representative image Washington: Experts say the plane turbulence that killed a Singapore Airlines passenger on Tuesday is a complex phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common due to climate change. Storms, cold and warm fronts, and air movement around mountains can all cause turbulence in the air a plane passes through. Turbulence can also occur in […]

Singapore Airlines Boss Goh Choon Phong On Flight Turbulence

Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore falls into air pocket on Tuesday New Delhi: The CEO of Singapore Airlines on Wednesday publicly apologized for the severe turbulence that killed one passenger and injured 30 others during a flight from London to Singapore. In a video message, Goh Trung Fung said he “deeply regrets the […]

Singapore Airlines Flight Hit By Turbulence Dropped 6,000 Feet In Just 5 Minutes

The incident occurred as parts of Thailand were hit by thunderstorms. Bangkok: On Tuesday, a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 on a flight from London encountered severe turbulence and was forced to make an emergency landing in Bangkok, killing one person and injuring 30 others. After Singapore-bound flight SQ321 touched down at 3:45 p.m. (8:45 p.m. […]

Unruly passenger led off flight at CLT Airport after confrontation with staff

Shocking footage shows a Frontier Airlines passenger being arrested after refusing to leave the plane after arguing with a flight attendant over exit row instructions. All passengers at Charlotte Douglas International Airport were also forced to disembark before takeoff during the chaos, which was filmed by a TikToker and posted online earlier this month. The […]

Transatlantic United flight diverted after laptop gets stuck in seat

The computer landed the plane, but it didn’t belong to the control tower. A United Airlines transatlantic flight was diverted to Ireland on Sunday after a passenger’s laptop became stuck in the seat, raising safety concerns. The accident reportedly occurred on United Airlines Flight 12, which was heading from Zurich, Switzerland, to Chicago, Illinois. The […]