CA Brothers Plead Guilty to Scamming U.S. Postal Service Out of $2.3M

Two brothers from Temecula, California, have pleaded guilty to defrauding the U.S. Postal Service out of more than $2.3 million, authorities announced Friday.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California said in a news release: identified The men are 35-year-old Anwar Fareed Alam and 31-year-old Yousofzai Fahim Alam.

The agency elaborated on this matter as follows:

According to the plea agreement, the Arum brothers purchased packages and mail from USPS Priority Mail from October 2016 to May 2019, which included $100 insurance against loss or damage to package contents. It was Anwar Alam wrapped empty packages or packages of little or no value and sent them via Priority Mail to fake recipients at fictitious addresses.

Yousofzai Alam then filed fraudulent insurance claims with the USPS through the Postal Service’s website, falsely claiming that the package contained items of greater value than they actually were, and that the package was lost in transit. I lied and said it was damaged. Yusofzai Alam also included fake invoices and photos of items that were not actually in the package. The Alam brothers used false names and false business names to conceal the number of false insurance claims they submitted.

USPS sent the men checks for up to $100 plus shipping to cover their losses. Insurance claim checks were mailed to various addresses in the area where the couple lived.

Once the brothers obtained the checks, they deposited the money into their own bank accounts, according to their attorney’s office.

“For example, in November 2018, the Arum brothers were fraudulently mailed a $106.59 Priority Mail claim check via USPS to their Temecula business address,” authorities said, adding that USPS reported that It added that it suffered a loss of $2,367,033. scam.

The brothers now face up to 20 years in federal prison in connection with the incident.

In November 2022, a U.S. Postal Service employee in Cincinnati admitted to embezzling thousands of dollars worth of mail packages containing drugs, including fentanyl, according to Breitbart News.

In October 2022, the newspaper reported on incidents in the New York City area, saying, “Three U.S. Postal Service employees and one other person were recently arrested for allegedly participating in a $1.3 million fraud and identity theft scheme.” Stated.

Another postal worker in Florida was charged in 2020 with stealing mail that included mail-in ballots and political flyers, Breitbart News reported at the time.



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