California auto shop owner Aristeo Zambrano shot dead while working in Bay City Alternators in broad daylight

The owner of a beloved Oakland auto shop that has been a pillar of the area since the 1990s was gunned down in broad daylight on February 3 while working at his shop.

Aristeo Zambrano, 68, who immigrated from Mexico in the 1970s and worked for the United Farm Workers (UFW) movement, was retiring from the Bay City Alternator store after nearly 30 years. According to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Aristeo Zambrano was shot and killed inside an Oakland auto shop earlier this month. X/@ThinkMexican

He was pronounced dead at his store, about five miles from the Oakland Arena.

The motive behind the shooting remains unclear.

“It’s not fair that he worked so hard all his life and never hurt anyone,” his daughter Maria Ayala told the magazine.

Before Zambrano was killed, his family had repeatedly warned him that they feared for his safety in the crime-ridden area.

He has three daughters and six grandchildren.

The newspaper added that Zambrano fought for higher wages as a UFW leader and union representative in the 1970s.

The grandfather was pronounced dead at his store, about five miles from the Oakland Arena. YouTube/FOX2

He then moved to Oakland, where he eventually worked to open Bay City Alternator.

Zambrano’s death earlier this month was the 10th homicide in Oakland this year, the newspaper said. Two other murders have been reported since Zambrano’s murder.

The grandfather’s killing has only spurred ongoing efforts to get Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price to resign as crime rates in the community have only worsened since she took office.

Zambrano has three daughters and six grandchildren. YouTube/FOX2

Earlier this month, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the swirling city would “strengthen law enforcement capacity to investigate, analyze, and prosecute violence, property, and serious drug-related suspects in Oakland and the East Bay.” He said he plans to “deploy” a state attorney to the area. crime. ”

Violent crime is on the rise in Alameda County, spiking nearly 20% in 2023 compared to 2019, and rampant crime has caused businesses like In-N-Out to close.

This is the first time in the chain’s 75-year history that one of its restaurants has been forced to close.

Alameda County has one of the highest crime rates in America. According to a nearby scout.

According to some information, there were 126 murders reported in 2023. Citywide crime report.

Newsom’s efforts come as crime rates skyrocket in Oakland, where video of a horrifying carjacking was released last month, including a 67-year-old woman being pistol-whipped and dragged across the pavement by two young men. It was held inside.

Price herself was the victim of a car burglary in October 2023 when her laptop was stolen.

The prosecutor woke up and called the police, but after waiting at the scene for an hour and no officers responded, he decided to report the incident online.



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