New York man with ties to European royalty reported missing in California: police

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California Assembly Passes Apology for Slavery, Despite Entering Union as ‘Free State’

California’s state legislature voted Thursday to apologize for the state’s role in slavery. However, California entered the Union as a “free state” in 1850. invoice, AB 3089was written by Rep. Reggie Jones Sawyer (D-Los Angeles) and passed as the state Legislature considered various other “reparations” bills. The bill acknowledges that California outlawed slavery, but cites […]

California Church to Baptize 30,000 People Around the State in One Day

A Southern California church is leading a mission to baptize 30,000 people at community events across the state on Sunday. Oceans Church baptized a whopping 4,166 people at its 2023 “Baptize California” event held at Pirates Cove in Newport Beach, and now Pastor Mark Francie is on track to significantly beat the previous record. . […]

California reparations payouts on hold, but state moves toward apology for slavery

Although the California Senate put on hold plans to provide reparations to the state’s citizens, Congress voted to formally apologize for the state’s role in slavery. California’s House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bill to send to the Senate, acknowledging responsibility for “all the harms and atrocities committed by the state.” Los Angeles Times […]

California Legislature Rejects ‘Medicare for All’ — Again — Over Costs, Deficit

California’s Democratic-controlled Legislature has proposed creating a single-payer health care system, or socialized medicine, called “Medicare for All,” citing high costs amid a budget deficit. was rejected again. The idea of ​​a government-run, publicly funded health care system has seduced left-wing Democrats for decades. In 2016 and 2020, it became a focal point of socialist […]

California UPS driver shot, killed while in truck on break

A UPS driver was shot and killed inside his truck in Irvine, California, Thursday afternoon, and police have taken the suspect into custody. According to the Irvine Police Department’s Facebook page, the shooting occurred around 3 p.m. near Chrysler and Bendix in the city. Sergeant Curry Davis told FOX 11 LA The UPS driver was […]

California winery oowner, Mark Hanson, accused of raping sister, Hilary McKean

The owner of a famous California winery has been accused in a lawsuit that alleges he raped and sexually assaulted his sister over a six-year period when the brothers were children. Hilary McKean, 60, is suing her brother Mark Hanson, 63, alleging repeated abuse while they were growing up together in the 1970s. Ms. McKean […]

Some University of California, Irvine protesters arrested claimed to be faculty

Some of the anti-Israel agitators arrested Wednesday when authorities cleared an anti-Israel camp at the University of California, Irvine, claimed to be professors at the university. The university announced Thursday that at least 47 people were arrested after hundreds of protesters stormed the campus and set up barricades. A university spokesperson previously told Fox News […]

Homeless parolee drags jogger on California beach

A homeless man on parole for assault allegedly dragged a jogging woman by her hair on a beach near Los Angeles earlier this week, then tried to rape her, police said. The incident appears to have happened around 7:15 a.m. on Oceanfront Walk in Santa Monica. Witnesses told 911 dispatchers that a woman from nearby […]