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California officials shut down beach on Memorial Day after shark knocks surfer off his board and leaves foot-long bite mark

One surfer said he was knocked off his board by a shark, and the incident prompted authorities to close the beach on Memorial Day.

Evan Garcia He told KTTV-TV He said he was surfing at San Clemente Beach at sunset on Sunday when he encountered the shark.

“My mom bought me that board… and that board saved my life.”

“When that thing hit me from below, I knew right away it was a shark. People have been attacked and injured by sharks. I was really lucky that only my board escaped,” Garcia said. “It was so strong that it knocked me completely underwater.”

Garcia said he fell in the water and looked straight at the shark, which he believes was a juvenile about 4 to 6 feet long. The shark left a foot-long bite mark on his 7-foot board.

“My mom bought me that board three years ago and I’ve been surfing it in Mexico,” he added, “I’ve surfed it up and down the coast, but my dad built it to be strong and it saved my life.”

He said he showed the board to a lifeguard, who then sent a photo of the board to an expert who confirmed it was a shark. Officials then closed San Clemente Beach for 24 hours.

“All City of San Clemente beaches have been closed due to aggressive shark behavior near T Street Beach.” The city said“The beaches will remain open but access to the waters will be closed until 8pm tonight unless there are any further shark sightings.”

Some beachgoers were disappointed by the swimming ban but still tried to enjoy the day, with some even wading into shallow water.

“It’s Memorial Day weekend, so we’re going to have fun with the kids and enjoy each other’s company.” Said By Kylie Andino, Orange County Register

Garcia said despite his shark fears, he plans to fly to Hawaii next for a surfing holiday.

KTTV is Video Interview We will have a conversation with Garcia on our official YouTube channel.

1 report found From 1950 to 2021, there have been 201 “confirmed shark incidents” reported, of which only 15 were fatal, and the other 107 were non-fatal.

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