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Campus Crusade for Christ under FIRE for embedding LGBTQ

Campus Crusade Folk Christians has been a well-known and respected organization in the Christian community for decades. However, Allie Beth Stuckey And for other conservative Christians, parts of Cru’s curriculum are “[contradicts] What the Bible says about human sexuality and the Christian’s duty to tell the truth.”

A particular section of the curriculum, which “was not supposed to be publicly distributed but was,” has come under scrutiny for suggesting that “it’s okay to use someone’s preferred pronouns.”

“If a man says he wants to go through her, and you do it for evangelistic purposes; [the curriculum] “It was presented as a choice,” Aly says, suggesting that while “homosexual acts may be promiscuous and sinful, same-sex attraction is not necessarily a sin.”

“Of course, I think both views are wrong,” Allie says. “You can’t win someone to Christ by lying, by deceiving, by falsely affirming who they are.”

As for whether homosexuality is morally neutral, Allie says, “It’s not.”

“Romans chapter 1 tells us that desire – homosexual attraction – is disordered,” she explains.

But Ally isn’t the only one taking issue with Cru’s gender and sexuality curriculum: It appears some Cru staff members have also voiced their concerns.

A married couple employed by Crew spoke to World magazine about their views on Crew’s curriculum on gender and sexuality, but two weeks after the article was published, Crew “terminated” them, citing “Crew’s sixth missionary vow: ‘I pledge to work for the peace and unity of Crew.'”

But gender and sexuality aren’t the only areas of CREW curriculum that have been criticized: People have also spoken out about “social and racial justice themes” in staff training materials.

Check out the clip below for more details.

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