Casey Anthony’s parents’ lie-detector test results revealed

The results of a polygraph test administered to Casey Anthony's parents were revealed in a new television special that aired Thursday.

George Anthony, 72, and Cindy Anthony, 65, will testify about the murder of their granddaughter Caylee Anthony as part of A&E's new television special, “Casey Anthony's Parents: The Lie Detector Test.'' Passed a polygraph test where they were asked several questions about their case. The sexual abuse accusations made by her daughter Casey Anthony against her father.

Casey Anthony, 37, dubbed “America's Most Hated Mother,'' was charged with murdering her 2-year-old daughter Kaylee in 2008, but claims her father was the real culprit.

In the new TV special, George and Cindy take polygraph tests to prove their innocence of their granddaughter's murder and Casey's sexual assault charges.

Exclusive: Casey Anthony's father appears for the first time after taking polygraph test over granddaughter's murder

George and Cindy Anthony are interviewed while sitting on a red sofa. (©️2023, A&E Television Networks, LLC Photo: Mary Beth Koeth)

But even though the test was a success, it also aroused intense emotions in the parents.

Lisa Rybakoff, a New York-based private investigator and polygraph expert, said, “My opinion about them being tested is just to clear their name as a suspect, even though it's a private investigation.'' “It was to prove the story they had been telling for years.” she told FOX News Digital. She said, “The allegations were made by Casey and they wanted to use the polygraph as an investigative tool to lend credibility to their story.”

Casey Anthony's father, George Anthony

George Anthony speaks on a cell phone in front of his home on Tuesday, January 2, 2024, in Orlando, Florida. Tomorrow, Anthony will appear in a television special about the suspicious death of his granddaughter Caylee Anthony. (Mark Sims, Fox News Digital)

Because polygraph tests measure things like heart rate, blood pressure and breathing, Ribakov said the presence of a camera in the same room where the parents were being tested may have influenced the results.

“Stumbles happen a lot,” she said. “This is an emotional topic and a difficult issue to discuss. I encounter candidates like this all the time. This is a normal reaction. To make sure they understand the problem , it is the examiner's responsibility to have a thorough discussion with them. Good.”

Rybakov also pointed out that the special was “edited to make it look like George was guilty, and a trailer was released, which may have been why it attracted so much attention from viewers.”

At one point in the special, George accused his wife of being in charge when she asked production staff to move the couch she was sitting on. Cindy becomes emotional, hinting at the seriousness of the polygraph test by saying that if George “breaks all of this” he “is going to jail.”

Casey Anthony's parents take lie detector test over granddaughter's death: 'Some wounds run too deep'

In another scene, Cindy has a panic attack while discussing Caylee's murder and the accusations against Casey.

“Since June 16, 2008, Kaylee has been my top priority when it comes to what happened to her and getting her back,” Cindy said in the feature. “That day, I lost Kaycee and her granddaughter, but Kaylee came first. Kaylee has always been my first priority. My goal has always been to know the truth. And here I am. It’s about sitting down and listening.” [Casey] Please continue to create different stories as needed…”

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Ahead of the series' release, Fox News Digital captured George Anthony looking relatively calm outside his Florida home.

Casey Anthony's father, George Anthony

George Anthony speaks on his cell phone in front of his home in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday, January 2, 2024. Anthony will appear in a TV special about the suspicious death of his granddaughter Caylee Anthony. (Mark Sims, Fox News Digital)

Another clip from the special shows George “struggling” to answer questions. Retired FBI Special Agent George Olivo.

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“When I met them, they broke up right away, and I tested George first,” Olivo previously told FOX News Digital. “Nothing really stood out.”

Side-by-side split of George Anthony, Cindy Anthony, and Casey Anthony

George Anthony, Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony. (©️2023, A&E Television Networks, LLC Photo: Mary Beth/Getty Images Koeth)

Olivo said polygraph tests are “85 to 90 percent accurate” when administered correctly.

Casey Anthony speaks out: 'Mom' slams, cries over questions about daughter's death in upcoming accusations

Cindy first reported Caylee missing on July 15, 2008, about a month after the infant was last seen on June 15, 2008. Cindy also told police at the time that Casey's impounded car smelled like a corpse, and an expert later testified during her trial. There was evidence of human remains in the trunk of the car.

Cayley Anthony looks up and places her hand on her hand.

Kaylee Marie Anthony, 2, was found murdered. (Orlando Sentinel/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service)

Casey was arrested the same year in connection with her daughter's disappearance and death, initially telling police that her daughter disappeared while she was with a babysitter.

After her daughter's death in June 2008, Casey left home and spent the next month with her boyfriend, but apparently did not report any crimes involving her daughter.

The cross at Cayley Anthony's monument

A cross is placed at the Caylee Anthony Memorial, which was erected at the site where the 2-year-old's body was discovered on July 16, 2011 in Orlando, Florida. (Joe Radle)

“I truly believed that Caylee was still alive,” she said on Peacock's 2022 series “Casey Anthony: Where Is the Truth?”

A few months later, in December 2008, public works workers discovered Caylee's skeletal remains in a wooded area about a half-mile from the Anthony family's home.

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Jose Baez, who represented Casey Anthony in a month-long trial in 2011, claimed that Caylee accidentally drowned in her family's above-ground pool in June 2008, and that Casey's parents then claimed her They covered up the death and claimed that George had tried to dispose of the body. Cindy vehemently denied it.

Casey Anthony cries after learning he's innocent

Casey Anthony reacts after being found not guilty of murder at the Orange County Courthouse on July 5, 2011 in Orlando, Florida. On the left is her lawyer Jose Baez. (Red Hoover Pool)

Prosecutors argued that Casey Anthony suffocated her daughter with chloroform and taped the 2-year-old's mouth shut.


After 11 hours of deliberation, a Florida jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse. This case remains unsolved to this day.

Fox News Digital’s Stephanie Nolasco, Stephanie Pagones and The Associated Press contributed to this report.



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