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👋 Welcome to 5 Things PM! The Internal Revenue Service plans to: Improving audit rates of wealthy taxpayers and big corporations. Audit rates for people with income over $10 million will increase by 50%, and the agency plans to triple the audit rate for businesses with assets over $250 million. The effort will be paid for with funding provided by the Anti-Inflation Act passed in 2022.

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Author Lauren Groff and her husband Clay Kallman have opened Lynx Bookstore in Gainesville, Florida.

1️⃣ Fresh ideas: Renowned author Lauren Groff just opened a new bookstore in Florida. she, community of literary resistance Last year, the state became the first in the country to try to ban books. Groff said her vision was shaped by what she called “authoritarian creepiness.”

2️⃣ TikTok Tiff: Ariana Grande, Adele and Rihanna join Taylor Swift after signing with Universal Music Group, soon to return to popular video platform ended the feud One of the world’s biggest record labels pulled the music. 📹 Video: What’s next after the TikTok ban?

3️⃣’Toxic positive reaction’: The author and mental health advocate has created books such as: by pushing back Against a culture of constant good vibes. Dave Tarnowski, who says he has battled depression and bipolar disorder, wants to help those who are suffering.

4️⃣ Kevin Bacon: actor inspired the name Study of a newly identified gene (abbreviated to “dokb”) that plays a role in regulating the structure of Drosophila’s social network. The name is based on a popular game that connects celebrities to the “Footloose” star.

5️⃣ nude cruise: A travel company called Bare Necessities is teaming up with Norwegian for an 11-day trip to the Caribbean. Good news — You can pack your luggage easily.

👀 All about the family: Young hockey fan delighted his father In a drinking showdown At the Nashville Predators game, the crowd watched on the jumbotron.

01:46 – Source: CNN

Hockey crowd erupts as daughter imitates father’s chug drinking behavior

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❗Number of people Started weight loss drug Wegovy Every week in America.

📸 Healing in nature: Indonesian scientists observe orangutans treatment of facial scars This behavior was first recorded in experiments using medicinal plants.


Lacus treated the wound by chewing on the leaves of a climbing plant and applying its juice.

🏃 Gender research: Women need different exercise and diet than men.Here’s what the experts think you should know For optimal health.

🐝 Finally, I would like to end on a positive note.
Beekeeper Matt Hilton said his life has become “surreal” since killing a swarm of bees that was delaying a baseball game. Fans call him MVP he has a trading card deal.

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