Republicans would cripple the IRS by forcing its workers back into the office

In the bustling corridors of power where the future of American governance is being debated, a new battleground has emerged, both surprisingly intimate and all-important. It’s an office space for federal employees. The Internal Revenue Service, the linchpin of the federal government’s machinery, has become the epicenter of the debate, as Republican leaders have issued […]

IRS to open its free tax filing site to more new users – ABC News

As tax filing season begins, taxpayers in some states will have a new way to file online “within days,” the IRS announced this week. direct fileA free site for filing federal tax returns directly through the IRS opens for new users. 12 states The IRS said it was provided for an unspecified period of time […]

IRS to ramp up audits of private jet usage

The Internal Revenue Service said Wednesday it is stepping up audits of corporate jets to collect more unpaid taxes as part of a crackdown on wealthy taxpayers. The tax collector’s office plans to conduct 30 to 40 audits of companies and wealthy individuals who may be flying on corporate jets for leisure purposes to reduce […]

IRS lacks ‘adequate controls’ to protect sensitive taxpayer info from unauthorized access: IG report

A recent inspector general report found that in some cases the Internal Revenue Service lacked “adequate controls” to protect sensitive U.S. taxpayer information from unauthorized access. fox business report. A Treasury Department tax agency investigation found that some former IRS employees and contractors still had access to certain “sensitive systems.” The inspector general launched an […]

IRS expands free online filing program to 3 more states

The IRS’ new free online tax filing program is now moving beyond the initial phase of no-income-tax pilot states. The IRS announced Friday that it has begun implementing the test phase of the program in Arizona, New York, and Massachusetts, all states that impose income taxes. The test pilot will be conducted in a total […]

IRS warns government tax refunds to be 29% lower in 2024

For Americans hoping for a 2024 tax refund similar to last year’s check, the Internal Revenue Service is pouring ice water on the prospect. The IRS has warned Americans that their 2024 tax refund checks could be significantly smaller than last year, according to reports. initial data Issued by the government department responsible for assessing […]


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