Schools should not be discouraging transparency and parental rights

Three Christian and Muslim families are suing the Montgomery County Board of Education in Maryland, accusing their school district of publishing books featuring gay and transgender people. Content for very young students. Parents argue that Montgomery County Public Schools’ refusal to allow children to opt out violates First Amendment rights. Some will dismiss this as […]

‘Your speech is violence’: the left’s new mantra to justify campus violence

“Silence is violence.” Years ago when this phrase became a popular mantra on college campuses, I used to say that the movement against free speech declared dissent harmful. I wrote that we are moving towards enforcing Silence isn’t the only form of violence on college campuses today. This is also speech, as faculty and students […]

Florida’s anti-LGBT laws are unwarranted and un-American

After the fifth graders at Winding Waters Elementary School in Hernando County, Florida, were taking their morning standardized tests, teacher Jenna Barbie gave them the following answers. study break. In class, we watched Disney’s 2022 animated sci-fi movie, Strange World. “Strange World” is the story of a scientist who overcomes differences while searching for an […]

Federal funding must fuel college completion, not just access

Debate Over President Biden’s Proposal allow about $500 billion A student loan debt case has been brought to the U.S. Supreme Court. The administration has defended its plans against two legal challenges, and the court expects: decide by June Because the debt of millions of borrowers is left outstanding. The country’s arrival at a time […]

The US can no longer laugh off the ‘bad at math’ mentality

British Prime Minister Rishi SunakWe recently announced an initiativeto reverse the “anti-mathematics” culture in his country. “We say, ‘Oh, math, I can’t do that, it’s not for me,’ and we all laugh,” he said Sunak. “But I never joke about being illiterate like that.” Of course, he was talking about the plight of British children. […]

States — not the feds — have the power to transform higher education

May is graduation season, and an estimated 3.6 million students will be celebrating their completion of the program this year. The United States must continue to increase the number of people with post-secondary degrees or qualifications to keep up with today’s economy, but the extreme cost of higher education and the resulting student debt keep […]

How an ‘Uncommon Table’ can help bring our divided nation together

Even those who have not been in politics for decades cannot avoid the political division, polarization, and culture wars that surround America today. This is not a new problem. A lot has been written about this split over the last few years, and for good reason. One glance at Twitter, one cable network, one glance […]

The right’s demonization of campus diversity, equity and inclusion programs must end

Conservative activists, governors, and members of Congress have launched a scorched-earth war against “woke education,” with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs on campus as the latest target. Campaign claims against the DEI may serve the political interests of conservative activists and politicians, but misrepresent the power, policies and daily activities of DEI’s offices and […]