Ex-Boy Scout leader, teacher accused of sexually assaulting student for 2 years

A retired teacher who worked for the school for more than 40 years has been accused of having sexual contact with a young boy, and investigators believe more victims may come forward. Keith Steininger, 68, who taught for 41 years at Girard College, a boarding school in Pennsylvania, and served as a Boy Scout leader, […]

10 privacy fence options for your backyard

Create your own oasis with one of these privacy fence options. (St. Petersburg) Owning a home means having privacy and a space to call your own, but living close to neighbors can limit your privacy. No matter how friendly your partner is, you still need some privacy. If you’re looking for a variety of privacy […]

6 energy boosters to help beat the midday slump, from a nutrition expert

It lurks every day, somewhere between lunch and dinner, waiting to sap your energy and motivation. It’s the midday slump, the afternoon time when many people gather. succumb to fatigueyou become lethargic and your productivity generally decreases. But you don’t have to succumb to a post-lunch “food coma,” says Dr. Christopher Rose, a nutritional biologist […]

GUTFELD: Dems hate Trump so much that they’re willing to destroy the legal system

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. Mr. Trump is on trial for allegedly falsifying business records related to payments to porn star Stormy Daniels, legal expert Jonathan Turley said. Turley added that this is a misdemeanor and the statute of limitations has run. For some reason, that doesn’t matter in New York City. […]

Sean Hannity rips apart the Trump smear campaign

FOX News host Sean Hannity thoroughly discusses New York’s hush money lawsuit against former President Trump.Hannity. ” Sean Hannity: This is a taxpayer-funded, media-driven political smear campaign. donald trump And miraculously, the presidential election happened at perfect timing. Right now, prosecutor Alvin Bragg hates Donald Trump. He ran a “hate Trump” campaign. Suspended NPR whistleblower […]


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